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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap – Behind the Scenes – Season 4, Episode 5

by on September 18, 2012

Synopsis: What are the actors like who play the characters on “Childrens Hospital”? Not surprisingly, this is a question not many people have had the nerve to ask, but you’re going to find out anyway and – yet another surprise! – as it turns out, the actors who play the characters on Childrens Hospital behave just as badly when they are acting as when they are not – even if they are filmed in serious documentary style black and white.

It would be funnier if we were in black-and-white and Sy/Henry/Fonzie were here to tell us how he jumped that shark in Santa Monica.

Details: The actors who play the characters on the show are not really who they seem they are – for instance, Blake is played by Rob Corddry but in reality, Rob Corddry is really Cutter Spindell – a borderline psycho – while Glenn is not played by Ken Marino but rather a bearded Just Falcon [in a riff on Joaquin Phoenix]. The entire episode is filmed in serious-style black-and-white to give it that authentic documentary feel as each characters’ actors’ alter egos are exposed along the way. We find out that Lola [Lynn Williams] and Cat/Dixie were both involved with the director [Lola is now divorced from him while Cat still dates him] and become engaged in a catfight to see who can embarrass the other most. Owen is really played by Glarion Rudge and must hide his dialysis machine to prevent the others from knowing about his potentially explosive kidney – so he recruits Blake/Cutter to concoct a Star Wars theme and Chief/Megan Mulally is actually a Brit in real life [not really] who drives a Mini through the hospital after forgetting that “the colonists don’t drive indoors” in the episode’s funniest line. In the end, Owen’s mystic doctor cleans up everybody’s mental messes in a Dr. Phil way [only in black and white and without the gregarious audience] and the pseudo-Woody Allen music takes us out the door.

The Poop and Skinny: With no appearance from Sy/Henry Winkler/Fonzie – what perfect setup for an alter ego was there than that?!? – the episode goes downhill fairly quickly since you really don’t care about the other characters’ alter egos – unless they were Mr. and Mrs. C, Joanie, Richie, Potsie, Ralph Malph, Al, Pinky Tuscadero and Chachie. Otherwise, what’s the point? Chief Mulally’s Brit was absolutely smashing, but that was the only redeeming quality except that it’s always good to break for brunch instead of lunch because brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch – making it twice as good! It would probably help if you did drugs before you watched this episode to make it easier to understand. If you don’t do drugs, then four cups of coffee or three Red Bulls might do the trick too.

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