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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap – Attention Staff – Season 4, Episode 11

by on November 8, 2012

Synopsis: The hospital announcer begins personally insulting staff members as usual until he goes too far – forcing Sy, Owen and Blake to track his whereabouts down while the Chief spends the entire episode telling the spooky backstory from a doorway.

Michael Cera makes a cameo appearance as “a friend” with a hat and an old-school porn mustache in the final scenes of “Attention Staff”.

Details: The hospital announcer gets a little too personal with his usual PA announcements and sends the staff into a tizzy trying to locate his whereabouts after it is first determined that he is not a robot. The Chief parks herself in a doorway and launches into the backstory explaining how the hospital founder Arthur Childrens [played by Jon Hamm] was performing anti-aging experimentation on a 10-year-old boy who he then accidentally killed [or so he thought] and it is the ghost of that boy who is the announcer. This revelation sends Owen and Blake off on a “Blair Witch Project”-style ghost-hunting chase, while Sy – who knows the secret location of the announcer’s lair – goes off on his own. Once in the lair, Sy accidentally knocks a shelf onto his arm and in his groggy state, drinks chemicals he think will help him but only produce the hallucinogenic image of Arthur Childrens, who proceeds to repeatedly kick him in the face. Finally, the announcer kid – who was not killed but merely had his aging process stunted – frees up Sy and goes back into hiding after Blake half-heartedly attempts to chase him down, leaving the hallucinogenic version of Hamm to ponder whether or not hallucinations can have dreams?

The Poop and Skinny: Once again, as we always say with “Childrens Hospital”, any episode with Sy as a central element is almost guaranteed to be a good episode and this episode is no different as Sy, with his right arm pinned underneath the shelf laments that he will no longer be capable of batting right-handed and after cutting his hand drinking the chemicals, no longer play first base either. Michael Cera is the voice of the announcer and makes a cameo appearance as “a friend” in the final scenes. In yet another nice touch from the “Childrens Hospital” creative team, the P.A.  announcer character’s name is Sal Viscuso – the name of the real-life actor who was the voice of the P.A. announcer in all the “M.A.S.H.” episodes.

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