"Billy & Mandy's Halloween": Where's the Scream-o-vision?

I don’t claim to be a huge Grim fan, mostly because the show hardly strives to reach any specific goal. It’s content to be a generic sitcom with a slight twist, rather than being something truly dark and unique. I’ve been hoping that the show would try to redeem itself in a tour-de-force holiday special. […]

"Codename: Kids Next Door": Special Agents Not So Special

The October 3 launch of Cartoon Network‘s new Fridays brings with it the second season of their newest Cartoon Cartoon hit . Full disclosure time: I personally have never seen any episodes of the first season, but I didn’t find it a problem. Anyone hoping to catch the show for the first time will not […]

TZ Reviews: "Millennium Actress" Points the Way to 2-D Animation's Future

The mainstream press insists that time is up for ink and paint. “Traditional animation” that is, hand-drawn animation, has become obsolete in the face of new computer-generated techniques, they say. But I say don’t lose hope just yet. Riding in like a samurai on a white horse, Satoshi Kon has given us Millennium Actress, proving […]

TZ Reviews "Kai Doh Maru": Stunning Beauty Can't Save Weak Story

Kai Doh Maru is a film best described by one of its villains. As she looks down on a poisoned river filled with floating bodies, her companion asks her how she likes the view. “It’s quite atmospheric,” she responds. I.G. Plus produced Kai Doh Maru, and like their last project, Blood: The Last Vampire, Kai […]

TZ Reviews: "Teen Titans" Best WBA Show Since "Freakazoid"

First things first: Teen Titans is probably not for people who visit Toon Zone or Comicon or have dozens of Justice League figures adorning their desk. That being said, Teen Titans is the most enjoyable Warner Bros. Animation production since Freakazoid (which makes Duck Dodgers even more worth looking forward to)! “Teen Titans” Like Nothing […]

TZ Reviews: "The Strip," Bare of Quality

Last night, The First Network For Men (which hoped to be Spike TV by now, but is forced to use the name TNN) launched its new animation block. A minor complaint before this review starts; the last segment of all shows had this slightly digital, “pixelated” picture quality. It’s noticeable enough to detract from enjoyment. […]

TZ Reviews: "The Incredible Hulk" Animated DVD

With the release of Hulk in theatres, you may be interested in revisiting the green goliath’s other adventures. And, with that magical notion called “cashing in,” several major studios are putting out DVDs of the Hulk’s various adventures, mostly his live-action exploits. Buena Vista Home Entertainment — aka Disney — is releasing something different, a […]

TZ Reviews: "Voices of a Distant Star"

With the ever-increasing availability of easy-to-use software, the independent animation industry is experiencing a renaissance, and, naturally, that renaissance is growing most quickly in Japan, the quantitative powerhouse of world animation. Along with the new technology comes the ability for literally one person to create high-quality animation out of his or her home. One of […]

Toon Zone Reviews 'Justice League: The Savage Time'

Cartoon Network was kind enough to supply the Toon Zone News team with a screener copy of the much anticipated Justice League season finale, “The Savage Time.” Below is a review of the season finale, written by Site Administrator Bird Boy. Justice League Episodes #24 – 26 “The Savage Time Parts 1 – 3″ Original […]

Justice League Critiqued: "Metamorphosis Part 2"

Welcome to a new installment of Justice League Critiqued. Remember, the opinions expressed in the following review do not represent the opinions of Toon Zone. Justice League Critiqued By Anthony Garritano Introduction It took me a long time to write this because I was really trying hard to come up with something polite to say […]

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