"Abenobashi" Vol. 1: Worth its Weight in Weirdness

Arumi and Sasshi are two regular 12-year old kids from Osaka, Japan’s “deep south.” For some reason, they’ve been knocked out of their own world into parallel worlds. A cross-dresser is now a superhero, Arumi’s dad is a champion fighter, and a well-endowed girl named Mune-Mune ["chest-chest" in Japanese -Ed.] is chasing them down for […]

"Blue Gender": Don't Get Attached to Anybody

“You have to let me fight! I’m not a baby; I can pull my own weight!” It is the year 2031. Mysterious, humongous insects called the Blue have destroyed civilization. With the use of mechs called Armored Strikes, a militaristic group seems to be the only people on Earth. Their goal is to get back […]

"Kiddy Grade" Vol. 1 Big on Action, Short on Story

G.O.T.T., The Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs, ES Members Éclair and Lumiere are essentially the police of the future, with a penchant for disguises, the trailer states. Tracking down criminals, they use their special abilities (Éclair has some special lipstick that either lets her Hulk out or gain a whip and Lumiere can control […]

Johnny Bravo Back to Its Roots, Then to "Hollywood"

Show: Johnny BravoEpisode: #55: “Johnny Bravo Goes To Hollywood”Airdate: FRIDAY, February 20th, at 8 PM (encore at 11:30 PM) ET. Seth MacFarlane states that no show is as lucky as Family Guy is at this current time. But that’s not true… Back in 1997, after only 13 episodes, the original Johnny Bravo crew left Cartoon […]

"Return to Xanadu"? More Like "Return to Sender"

So here I am, reviewing a kid’s film when I’m not exactly a kid. What’s a responsible critic supposed to do? Typically, I guess you do one of two things. Either you pour yourself a big bowl of Lucky Charms, pop the DVD into the player, and munch away while trying to put yourself into […]

"Robbin Ed" Tops All Previous Eds

Show: Ed Edd n EddyEpisode: #48: “Robbin’ Ed”/”A Case of Ed”Airdate: TONIGHT, February 6th, at 7 PM (encore at 9:30 PM) ET. After last week’s only-satisfactory episode of the Ed boys bring us a gem of an episode, if not one of the best Eds episodes to date. If you’re still sitting on the fence […]

"Ed Edd n Eddy" Continues to Impress...

Show: Ed Edd n EddyEpisode: #47: “Thick As An Ed”/”Sorry, Wrong Ed”Airdate: TONIGHT, January 30th, at 7 PM (encore at 9:30 PM) ET. Most criticism of Ed Edd n Eddy is entirely unfounded, and almost makes me wonder if people really watch the show or pretend they do and blast it, the latter of which […]

"Astro Boy" Still Dazzles, Even as Adaptation Disappoints

When I heard that Kids WB would be the network broadcasting the 2003 reincarnation of Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, arguably the first anime ever made, my reaction was typical: I groaned. Kids WB has a long record of heavily adapting their anime to account for their image of American audience preferences. They were responsible for […]

"Astro Boy" Glows with Smart Action and Fun

To be honest, I was worried that the new AstroBoy wasn’t going to hold true to the spirit of the original, especially when I learned it was going to run on Kids WB, a network known for making radical changes to the anime series it airs. But, after watching the first two episodes, it would […]

"Someday's Dreamers Volume 1": Commonplace, Yet Incredible

The world of Someday’s Dreamers has been compared to such other works as NieA_7, Haibane Renmei, Kiki’s Delivery Service and even Harry Potter, and those are all probably right. The pacing and blend of light humor with mild melancholy is somewhat reminiscent of NieA and Haibane, as is the concept of taking the extraordinary and […]

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