"Welcome To The NHK: 1st Conspiracy": Welcome To An Awesome Beginning

by Chad Boninon March 29, 2008
In America, they’re “shut ins”. They are the people that contribute nothing to society. They exist only to take up space. They watch their cartoons, listen to the theme songs, play the video games. In Japan? They’re “hikikomori”. They lock themselves in their room or apartment. They contribute nothing to society. They sit on their […]

"Ramen Fighter Miki" Vol. 1: Fighting For Truth, Justice, and the Noodle Way!

by Classic Speedyon March 28, 2008
Ramen Fighter Miki is relentlessly silly, the kind of madcap comedy where anything can happen—and usually does. It’s also pretty unique: I can’t say I’ve seen any anime series solely centered around working at a noodle shop. Or, at least not one like this. Right from the start, we learn that the latest hired help, […]

"Space Ghost Coast to Coast" Space Ghost, Are You a Leprechaun?

by Dukeon March 27, 2008
“Would you feel better if I jabbed you in the eye?” If the above line made you laugh out loud, go out and buy Space Ghost Coast to Coast: The 1998 Episodes right now and just skip this review. If your reaction was instead “Uh, what? That was just stupid,” then maybe Space Ghost isn’t […]

"Peach Girl" Vol. 6: Deathbed Confessions

by Chad Boninon March 26, 2008
Momo is forced to pick her true love of the week: the dull-as-drying-paint Toji, or the funny-and-heartfelt Kairi. At the same time, Sae just may be pregnant with the child of Kairi’s brother. Sounds like the people in my old high school. In the final volume of Peach Girl, the truth shall set you free! […]

"Glass Fleet" Vol. 5: Gone with the Wind

by Maxie Zeuson March 25, 2008
Let us now have a few words of sympathy for the poor FUNimation writer-producers tasked with translating/adapting Glass Fleet for the English-speaking market. Bad enough they had to meet and master the great, gushing torrents of bland, meaningless, personality-free verbiage that inundate this series. More challenging, I suspect, was a maintenance of fortitude in the […]

"Fullmetal Alchemist" Season 2 Part 2: To Nobody Go the Spoilers

by Classic Speedyon March 21, 2008
Fullmetal Alchemist wraps up in these final eleven episodes. The tension between Colonel Mustang and the Führer explodes; someone from Ed and Al’s past finally returns (much to their mixed feelings), alternate realities are explored with Ed briefly in World War I-era London; Ed and Al face off against Homunculi for the coveted Philosopher’s Stone; […]

"Death Note" Vol. 1-3: A Light in the Darkness

by Classic Speedyon March 19, 2008
Death Note has an intriguing premise I’m sure any of us can relate to: If you came upon a magic notebook you could use to kill any person just by writing their name in it, would you use it? Say there’s a bully in your class who torments you every day; would you write down […]

"Tenchi Muyo!": Love Doesn’t Stink … the First Time Around

by Dukeon March 18, 2008
Tenchi Muyo! generated a lot of buzz when it first appeared. After all, it was a compelling series of OAVs that jump-started the harem genre and didn’t suck. It was so popular it even got a television series or two. Those series went on to such popularity that the franchise expanded into movie theaters not […]

I’m Not "Enchanted"

by Classic Speedyon March 17, 2008
I’ve often wondered how someone like Snow White would get along in the real world. When I heard about Enchanted, I was hoping to see my questions answered, and I was interested to see if Disney had the guts to mock their own stereotypical, squeaky-clean image. Unfortunately, Enchanted doesn’t really take advantage of the opportunity […]

"Appleseed Ex Machina" is Satsifying Sci-Fi Cheese

by Ed Liuon March 16, 2008
It’s no secret by now that computer graphics have changed the way animation is made, from the use of computer effects to enhance hand-drawn animation to the fully CGI-animated movies taking over the multiplexes. CGI has even spawned its own sub-genres, from the fully rendered movies of Pixar and DreamWorks to the Flash animators of […]