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Thunderbirds Are Go

“Thunderbirds Are Go” on Amazon Prime Video with Sneak Peek April 15, 2016; Premiere on April 22

by Ed Liuon March 24, 2016
Amazon Debuts Original Animated Kids Series Thunderbirds Are Go on April 22 on Prime Video Special one-hour sneak preview will premiere on April 15 with Ring of Fire Parts 1 and 2 The five Tracy brothers catapult back onto television screens following the 50-year-old classic Thunderbirds series; Rosamund Pike stars as Lady Penelope SEATTLE—March 24, […]


Bungie Reveals New Updates For Destiny: The Taken King

by Peter Paltridgeon March 24, 2016
“The Taken King is dead. Yet still his armies yet claw at our worlds. Even as you led the assault on the Dreadnaught, a powerful would-be Taken Prince fled for the safety of the shadows. Hunt him down before he grows too powerful.” So goes the narrative to the big update hitting Destiny next month. […]

Linkle Has Arrived In This Week’s Nintendo Download

by Peter Paltridgeon March 24, 2016
This week in the Nintendo Download, Hyrule Warriors Legends is finally out! It’s got all the action of the Wii U original, plus new characters like the already-popular genderflipped Linkle. Just be prepared to pay through the nose — this game has a Season Pass, plus you can only play it in 3D if you […]

clip studio paint

Clip Studio Paint Introduced At Silicon Valley Comic-Con

by Peter Paltridgeon March 17, 2016
The very first annual Silicon Valley Comic-Con is now being held in California (guess where), and Smith Micro Software is using the event to debut the new model of their animation software, Clip Studio Paint — a rebrand of Manga Studio. When most people think of digital animation tools they think of the various shortcuts […]
playstation vr

Finally Revealed: The Playstation VR

by Peter Paltridgeon March 16, 2016
The second coming of virtual reality seemed all but inevitable until those first price tags started coming out. The Oculus Rift would cost $600. The HTC Vive would cost $800! The only major player yet to be revealed in full was Sony’s Playstation VR, and consumers cried out, “Save us, Sony! Give us an affordable […]