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PR: Marvel Comics – Cover and Preview Pages for Wolverine and the X-Men #2

by Grant Whiteon October 28, 2011
Your First Look At WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #2! It’s official, Wolverine & The X-Men is a hit and to celebrate the book’s critical acclaim, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Wolverine & The X-Men #2! Following the catastrophic disruption to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, superstar creative team Jason […]

PR: "Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole" Halloween Mini-Marathon on Oct 31; Season 2 Premieres Dec 11, 2011

by Ed Liuon October 24, 2011
Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole Halloween mini-marathon premieres Monday, Oct. 31 from 12:30 a.m.-1:30 a.m. (ET, PT) on Adult Swim.…ole/index.html Season 2 premieres Sunday, Dec. 11 on Adult Swim. Moral Orel creator Dino Stamatopoulos returns to Adult Swim with season 2 of the stop-motion animated series Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole. This is the true story of Victor […]

PR: "Secret Millionaires Club" with Warren Buffett Launches Financial Education TV Series on the Hub & In-School

by Ed Liuon October 24, 2011
Secret Millionaires Club FEATURING WARREN BUFFETT LAUNCHES FINANCIAL EDUCATION TELEVISION SERIES ON THE HUB TV NETWORK AND IN-SCHOOL CURRICULUM FOR KIDS Exclusive Sponsor Supports New “Learn and Earn” Promotion Designed to Teach Kids about Financial Literacy Washington, DC, October 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A Squared Entertainment and By Kids For Kids Co. team up […]

PR: Tune-In Info for "Chuck & Friends," "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" on the Hub for Oct 22-24, 2011 (UPDATED)

by Ed Liuon October 21, 2011
Tune in Alert: In Support of National Anti-Bullying Month, Chuck and his Friends Take on a Playground Bully on “The Adventures of Chuck & Friends” Plus, The Ghoulish Spirits are Stirring with Halloween-Themed Episodes of “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” and “The Adventures of Chuck & Friends” Beginning this Friday at 10am ET on […]

PR: Production Begun on First Western for Preschoolers "Oki’s Oasis"

by Ed Liuon October 21, 2011
YEEEEEEE-HA! THERE’S A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN! PRODUCTION HAS BEGUN ON THE FIRST WESTERN FOR PRESCHOOLERS, THE ANIMATED “OKI’S OASIS,” WITH MANDY MOORE STARRING AS THE VOICE OF OKI Slated to Premiere in 2013 on Disney Junior Channels and Programming Blocks Around the World Production has begun on the animated series “Oki’s Oasis,” the first […]

PR: Official Trailer for "Justice League: Doom" Released

by Ed Liuon October 19, 2011
Warner Home Video has released the official trailer for Justice League: Doom, an all-new entry in the popular series of DC Universe Animated Original Movies due in early 2012 on Blu-ray, DVD, OnDemand and for Download. Justice League: Doom finds Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg and Batman on their heels when […]

PR: "Liquid Television" is Back on MTVX New Online Hub

by Ed Liuon October 19, 2011
“Liquid Television” is Back. MTVX Launches New Online Hub for Animation Community Serving Up the Best Classic and New Animation Content New “Liquid Television” Animated Music Video for Wallpaper.’s “*****ING BEST SONG EVERRR” to Debut on MTV Tonight Following All New Episode of Jersey Shore Get More: MTV Shows To view or embed Wallpaper.’s new […]

PR: Marvel Comics – Ultimate Comics X-Men #3 Cover and Interior Previews

by Grant Whiteon October 18, 2011
Mutantkind Must Fight For Their Lives In ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN #3 Mutantkind has a giant X painted on its back, and with the revelation that the US Government created their kind – they’re now fugitives on the run! Join red-hot writer Nick Spencer and fan favorite artist Paco Medina for Ultimate Comics X-Men #3 as […]

PR: Sentai Filmworks Licenses "The World God Only Knows"

by Ed Liuon October 18, 2011
SENTAI FILMWORKS LICENSES THE WORLD GOD ONLY KNOWS HOUSTON, October 17, 2011— Sentai Filmworks.has formally confirmed the acquisition for the eagerly anticipated anime series THE WORLD GOD ONLY KNOWS, which was first revealed to massive applause at the 2011 Anime Weekend Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia on September 30, 2011. Based on the super-hit manga by […]

PR: "Redline" and "First Squad: The Moment of Truth" on Blu-ray and DVD on January 17, 2012

by Ed Liuon October 18, 2011
THIS WINTER IS SURE TO BE COOL WITH ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT’S RELEASE OF TWO OF THE COOLEST ANIMATION TITLES EVER! Katsuhito Ishii’s Redline and Award-Winner First Squad Hit Stores This January on Both Blu-ray™ and DVD! BEVERLY HILLS, CA – In celebration of its 20th Anniversary, Anchor Bay Entertainment’s Manga brand is set to release […]