Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare By The Numbers


Activision has released a handy infographic for all of your Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare questions. Wanna know how many boost jumps have been made in the game? It’s 16.1 billion, as of when the infographic was published. The graphic also boasts of more than 125 million players overall for the Call of Duty franchise […]

Sony PlayStation Vita Remote Play Commercial Pulled

Sony PlayStation Vita Remote Play Commercial Pulled

Sony PlayStation pulled a commercial for their PS Vita remote play that featured a female doctor issuing sexual innuendoes before eventually pulling out a PS Vita…

PR: Skylanders Has Full Slate of Holiday Merchandise


Disney has tried it, and even Nintendo is getting in on the act, but no one does toys as playable video game characters like the Skylanders series. It has found just the right mix of rare and common, expensive and affordable to hook both kids and adult collectors. This Christmas, Activision has a wide range […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Ace Chemicals Infiltration Part 1 Trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight Ace Chemicals Infiltration Part 1 Trailer

The first of three official gameplay trailers for “Batman: Arkham Knight” – Ace Chemicals Infiltration Part 1 – debuts today followed by the next one on December 1, 2014…

CLIP: The Future of Hand-Drawn Animation in the Making of Glen Keane's "Duet"

Duet (Original)

Review: "Princess Mononoke" Blu-ray - The Indispensable Mythic Movie

Princess Mononoke Ashitaka San

Rarely has the wait for high definition treatment been longer and more worthwhile than for Princess Mononoke. This is the most distinct film in Hayao Miyazaki’s illustrious oeuvre, and surely a contender for his very greatest if only because of the many layers there are to it. It is an epic quest, a tale of […]

CLIP: KT Tunstall Lights Up Pixie Hollow in "Legend of the NeverBeast" Coming March 3, 2015


"Adventure Time: Finn the Human" Clips Conquer Cuteness but Fumble the Red Throne


"Strange Magic" Trailer Released


Lucasfilm has released the trailer for Strange Magic, the recently announced CGI animated movie musical written by George Lucas and set for release on January 23, 2015. Yahoo Movies is hosting the trailer, along with a feature article about the movie, with director Gary Rydstrom quoting George Lucas’ emphasis that the story should be about […]

CLIP: Give Thanks to Cartoon Network for New "Adventure Time," "Teen Titans Go!", and More Starting November 24, 2014

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