Bandai Announces New Titles For May

by Classic Speedyon February 17, 2006
Bandai’s Anime Legends series, which sells complete series of older titles in their catalog at lower prices, is in full swing during the month of May. Among the titles getting re-released are Banner of the Stars, Betterman, Geneshaft, Mobile Fighter G-Gundam, and Saber Marionette J to X. In addition, new volumes of such series as […]

Disney Debuts On-Line Subscription Service for Preschoolers

by Ed Liuon February 17, 2006
Disney has debuted a $50 a year service targeted at pre-schoolers, according to a report in the New York Times (registration required). The fee and an 85 megabyte download will grant access to Playhouse Disney Preschool Time Online, which will host Web features and downloadable content like “fast-playing games and TV-like animation.” In a related […]

RTV Restructures

by Zeddon February 17, 2006
Following the company’s change of ownership, German toon house RTV Family Entertainment has restructured its board. C21Media has details.

Morph Comes to Small Screen

by Zeddon February 17, 2006
UK-based Aardman Animations is taking 30-year-old children’s television claymation character Morph to the small screen in a series of shorts and a selection of wallpapers and screen savers. Thirty-five shorts will be available immediately via Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 and various international operators. [Source: C21Media]

Comet Ent. to Co-Produce "CoolCity"

by Zeddon February 17, 2006
Toronto-based Comet Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Spanish-based Dachefa Audiovisuales to co-produce the animated series CoolCity, according to AWN. The series’ pilot will be introduced at MIP-TV 2006 in Cannes, from April 2 – 8.

Game Factory To Make Games Based on "Garfield," "Miss Spider," and More

by Zeddon February 17, 2006
The Game Factory announced a significant expansion in its 2006 product portfolio at the 2006 American International Toy Fair, AWN reports. More than 20 titles, including Garfield and His Nine Lives and Miss Spider Harvest Time Hop and Fly, will ship for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 and PC/CD-ROM platforms.

Animators, Ink to Host 5th Anniversary Screening

by Zeddon February 17, 2006
Animators, Ink is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a screening in New York on February 24. The screening will include works by animation veterans such as Signe Baumane, Bill Plympton, PES and Pat Smith, as well as animation by Christi Bertelsen, Chris Conforti, Stieg Retlin, Nelson Diaz and Dominka Juraszek. AWN has more info.

"Zatch Bell" Ending in Japan, Replaced by "Digimon Savers"

by Dukeon February 16, 2006
According to Moonphase, Konjiki no Gash Bell, known in the United States as Zatch Bell, will be airing its final episode in Japan on March 26, 2006. The series, which will end with 150 episodes total, will be replaced with Digimon Savers, the fifth season in the franchise. Oddly enough, Gash Bell originally took the […]

Saturn Awards Nominate "Howl," "Wallace & Gromit"

by Ed Liuon February 16, 2006
The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films has named the latest Saturn Award nominees. The nominees for Best Animated Film are Howl’s Moving Castle, Chicken Little, Corpse Bride, Hoodwinked, Madagascar, and Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. (via

"Diamond Daydreams:" Nothing New, Yet Still Enjoyable

by Karl Olsonon February 16, 2006
When I heard of Diamond Daydreams‘ premise, I could have sworn I’d heard it somewhere before: a series comprised of relatively short vignettes about women searching for true love in the face of adversity, or at least that’s a good byline for it. Then I remembered where I’d heard it – Sunrise Studios’ Sentimental Journey, […]