Toon Boom Comes to Algonquin College

by Zeddon May 13, 2005
Canada’s Algonquin College has chosen Toon Boom Harmony as part of its three-year Animation program, providing students with training in both traditional and digital animation, AWN reports. The program is designed to teach students the skills necessary to work effectively as animators in a variety of settings.

Namco Acquires "Curious George" Gaming License

by Zeddon May 13, 2005
Namco has acquired gaming rights to Curious George from Universal Studios Consumer Products Group, AWN reports, citing the Hollywood Reporter. The game titles will be associated with Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment’s animated feature film, scheduled to hit theaters on February 10, 2006.

CA Square Completes Toon Disney Package

by Zeddon May 13, 2005
Broadcast design company CA Square has completed a network package for the Toon Disney channels in both Europe and the Middle East. AWN has details.

Williams Partners With Odyssey for "Ribbit" Film

by Zeddon May 13, 2005
Shrek producer John H. Williams has partnered with U.K.-based sales and financing company Odyssey Entertainment to bring his latest project, Ribbit, to the U.K., AWN reports, citing the Hollywood Reporter. Ribbit tells the story of a country frog and his wild adventure to the big city.

Buena Vista Games Acquires Gaming Rights to "Turok"

by Zeddon May 13, 2005
Buena Vista Games, Inc. has acquired the video game publishing rights to the comic book property Turok. The original Turok property, created by Matthew H. Murphy, first appeared in comic books in 1954. The story was set around Turok and his young friend, Andar, who during a hunting expedition gone wrong, stumbled across a prehistoric […]

4Kids and Upper Deck Create "Winx Club" Trading Card Game

by Zeddon May 13, 2005
4Kids Entertainment, Inc. and Upper Deck Entertainment have created a new trading card game based on 4Kids’ animated series Winx Club. The Winx Club Magical Fairy Game, designed just for girls, will be available on May 15, 2005, at Toys “R” Us stores nationwide. The game will also be launched simultaneously throughout participating retail stores […]

"Wild Cats: The Complete Series" Now Available for Pre-Order

by Javeon May 13, 2005
The DVD boxset containing all 13 episodes of the animated series Wild CATS is now available to pre-order at The set will be released on July 19, 2005. [Source:]

'Gargoyles' Season Two on DVD

by Bird Boyon May 13, 2005
According to a post by Chad Kultgen (of 3oh!5 Creative, a company involved in DVD production) in the Station 8 Comment Room, the second season of Gargoyles is headed for a DVD release. Mr. Kultgen is looking for a Gargoyles fan in the LA area to possibly be part of a bonus feature in production […]

DVDToons Interviews Fred Grandinetti

by Javeon May 12, 2005
Fred Grandinetti, a contributor to the International Popeye Fan Club and author of Popeye: An Illustrated Cultural History, has done an exclusive interview with The interview features some info on his book, Grandinetti’s take on the recent Popeye CGI special, and the possibilities of getting classic Popeye released on DVD. The full interview is […]

4Kids Goes "Chaotic"

by Zeddon May 12, 2005
4Kids Entertainment, Inc. has acquired the worldwide licensing rights to Chaotic — a trading card game owned by Apex Marketing and Dracco Company Ltd. 4Kids will manage the licensing, marketing, and promotional initiatives for Chaotic and will join forces with Apex Marketing to develop and produce an animated series based on the property. 4Kids will […]