And She Would Have Gotten Away With It, Too...

CNN.com reports that a Polish woman has been convicted of nuisance charges after dressing up as a ghost and making eerie noises to “haunt” her husband’s employer’s castle-like estate. The news report omits mention of any teenaged sleuths, green vans, celebrity guest stars, or talking dogs who assisted in the arrest and conviction. (via Neil […]

"Howl's Moving Castle" Gets Sequel of Sorts

A Chinese newspaper reports a sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle, the latest animated feature film from director Hayao Miyazaki. The “Big Circus Show” will follow up on events in the movie, presumably through a live-action stage show. The official site (in Japanese) is open now, and the stage show is scheduled to start in late […]

Project Firefly Takes "Farm Force" to NATPE

Disneyland Paris Announces Two New Rides

The Disneyland Paris Resort will build a Buzz Lightyear attraction and a new Tower of Terror as part of a 240 million euro investment in the park, according to The Disneyland Report. Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast is expected to open in 2006 and the Tower of Terror in 2008.

Free Comic Book Day 2005 Date and Sponsors Announced

A press release has details for this year’s Free Comic Book Day, currently scheduled for May 7, 2005. Among this year’s offerings are The Batman Strikes! #1 from DC, a Simpsons comic called Gimme! Gimme! Giveaway! from Bongo, a special edition G.I. Joe comic from Devil’s Due, Ronin Hood of the 47 Samurai from Beckett, […]

"Bob the Builder" Gets India Licensing Deal

Bob the Builder products, including plush toys, games and figures, will be licensed to the Indian market under a deal struck between Hit Entertainment and Licensing Plus (India) Pvt Ltd, IndianTelevision reports.

"Wired" Honors Toon Makers

Wired has named Brad Bird, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, David Willis and Matt Maiellaro winners of its sixth annual Rave Awards, which the magazine bestows on leading innovators, mavericks and visionaries. Bird, Parker and Stone were recognized for their work as film directors for The Incredibles and Team America, respectively, while Willis and Maiellaro were […]

Iger Seen as Front Runner to Succeed Eisner

Walt Disney President Robert Iger is all but “inevitable” to succeed retiring chairman Michael Eisner as head of the company, the Los Angeles Times (free registration required) reports. Analysts tell the paper that Iger (who was once dismissed as an “also ran”) is rising in investor estimations thanks to Disney’s improving financial performance. Disney’s board […]

McFarlane To Make New Line of "Simpsons" Figures

McFarlane Toys will produce an all-new line of Simpsons action figures under a licensing deal announced by the company and Twentieth Century Fox today. The figures will be released this fall in multi-box sets containing figures recreating favorite moments from the show. Todd McFarlane will work personally with The Simpsons creative team in making the […]

Fox To Air "American Dad" Pilot, "Simpsons" Episode After Super Bowl

Fox will air the pilot episode of American Dad, a new animated series from Family Guy-creator Seth McFarlane, after Super Bowl XXXIX, AWN reports. The episode will air at approximately 10:30pm (ET) (allowing for game time). It will be preceded by a broadcast of The Simpsons episode “Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass” at 10:00pm […]

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