Int'l Roundup: "W.I.T.C.H.", "Betty" Get Broadcast Deals

by Maxie Zeuson April 15, 2005
* Nickelodeon UK has picked up rights to King Arthur’s Disasters. The series will debut in 2006 (World Screen News). * The UK’s GMTV will launch A.T.O.M. Alpha Teens on Machines in September during its Toonattik programming block (World Screen News). * Buena Vista International Television has sold W.I.T.C.H. to thirteen European broadcasters, covering markets […]

"Dragonball GT" Lost Episodes "Convicted" of Teh Suck

by Chad Boninon April 15, 2005
Dragon Ball GT: The Lost Episodes Volume 4 “Conviction” Episodes included in this disc: Episode 10: Dance And Attack Episode 11: Lord Luud’s Curse Episode 12: The Last Oracle Of Luud On their intergalactic quest for the Black Star dragon balls, Goku, Trunks, and Pan have run into the Para Para Brothers, a trio of […]

"Justice League Unlimited": The Ultimate Fanfic

by Maxie Zeuson April 15, 2005
Remember when you were a kid, back when you actually played with your toy action figures instead of leaving them sealed up in their plastic boxes to await a hoped-for appreciation in the collectibles market? If you were normal and hence hyper-imaginative, you probably threw them together in vast, intergalactic, franchise-shattering battle/soap opera melanges, pitting […]

4Kids Announces Full-Length "Kirby" Movie

by Zeddon April 15, 2005
4Kids Entertainment Home Video, Inc., in association with FUNimation Productions LTD, will release Kirby: Fright to the Finish — The Movie at retailers across the country on June 14, 2005. In his first full-length movie, Kirby embarks on a journey into deep space and confronts his ultimate nightmare — the diabolical eNeMeE — when a […]

Justice League Battles "Task Force X" on YTV

by James Harveyon April 14, 2005
First it was The Batman and now it’s Justice League Unlimited. According to a schedule release, the Canadian channel YTV will air the Justice League Unlimited episode “Task Force X,” written by Darwyn Cooke, on Friday, April 15th. The network is expected to air “The Balance” on April 22nd. Note that YTV has been known […]

2005 Eisner Award Nominees Announced

by Ed Liuon April 14, 2005
The nominees for the 2005 Eisner Awards have been announced. Writer Brian K. Vaughan leads the list with seven nominations for his work on Ex Machina (DC/Wildstorm), Y the Last Man (DC/Vertigo), and Runaways (Marvel). Other notable nominees include Joss Whedon and John Cassaday for Astonishing X-Men, Darwyn Cooke for DC: The New Frontier, and […]

Sen. Richard Lugar: Superhero

by Ed Liuon April 14, 2005
A report in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette has outed Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) as the alter ego of the superhero known as Walnut Man. Lugar/Walnut Man and 13 other Capital Hill superheroes have joined forces to aid the youth program of Arena State, a local theatre company in Washington, DC. Rumors of a team-up […]

"Ren & Stimpy" Season 3 Coming in June

by Maxie Zeuson April 14, 2005
Paramount will release the three-disc Ren and Stimpy: Season 3 and a Half-ish to DVD on June 28, DVD Toons reports. It will retail for $39.98.

New CD Gives Disney Songs Some Brazilian Flavor

by Maxie Zeuson April 14, 2005
Walt Disney Records will release Disney Bossa Nova, a collection of classic Disney songs performed in the Brazilian fusion style, on April 19, the company said today. Performed songs include “Cruella de Vil” (Marcos Valle); “Beauty and the Beast” (Miucha); “When You Wish Upon a Star” (Joyce); “Under the Sea” (Bena Lobo); “In a World […]

Nelvana Signs New Deals for "6teen"

by Maxie Zeuson April 14, 2005
Cartoon Network Latin America and ZigZap Poland have picked up rights to Nelvana’s 6teen, the company says. Nelvana recently greenlit a second season of the tween sitcom and is working on a 48-minute horror-themed special for the show. [Source: Corus Entertainment]