Comics Previews for Jan 20, 2006: All-Star Superman, Planet Hulk, Lions Tigers &c

by Ed Liuon January 22, 2006
The following free previews for comics are available on the Internet: AVAILABLE NOW – has posted some last-minute previews for comics released last Wednesday, including DC’s All-Star Superman #2 and Infinite Crisis #4. AVAILABLE NEXT WEEK – Mile High Comics has advance looks at next week’s DC and Marvel comic books, including Plastic Man […]

"Disney Buying Pixar" Rumors Gaining Strength

by Ed Liuon January 22, 2006
A report in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal (summarized by Reuters) quoted unnamed sources stating that the Walt Disney Company was in serious talks to acquire Pixar Animation Studios, paying a small premium over Pixar’s market value of $6.7 billion at the time. Since that time, more details of the story have come from a report […]

"Batman" Director Dick Sebast Interviewed

by on January 21, 2006
The World’s Finest recently managed to catch up with Batman: The Animated Series director Dick Sebast to discuss his work on the cartoon. Sebast speaks on his Emmy Award winning work on Robin’s Reckoning, what it was like working with the various animation companies, and more. Click the above link to read the interview.

Free Comic Book Day 2006 Offerings Announced

by Ed Liuon January 20, 2006
Diamond Comic Distributors has announced the list of offerings for 2006’s Free Comic Book Day. Animated offerings include Bongo Comics’ Free for All 2006 Simpsons tie-in comic, DC’s Justice League Unlimited #1, Devil’s Due’s G.I. Joe: Sigma 6, and IDW’s Transformers: Beast Wars. Free Comic Book Day will be on Saturday, May 6. Full details […]

R.I.P. Norman McCabe, Last of the Classic "Looney Tunes" Directors

by Javeon January 20, 2006
Norman McCabe, animator and director for the classic Looney Tunes years, passed away on January 18, 2006. He was 94 years old. Read more at

New ‘Ultimate Avengers’ Trailer Online

by on January 20, 2006
IGN has an all new Ultimate Avengers trailer online. Unlike the previous teaser, the aforementioned trailer features footage from the movie itself. The film is set for release on February 21 and will premiere at the upcoming Wondercon comic convention.

WonderCon to Premiere "Avengers," "Broken Saints"

by Ed Liuon January 20, 2006
A press release from Comic-Con International has announced that the WonderCon comics and pop-culture convention will host the world premieres of two new animated projects. Marvel and Lion’s Gate’s Ultimate Avengers: The Movie direct-to-video animated film will premiere at WonderCon on Saturday, February 11, 2006. The next day, Fox Home Entertainment will screen the first […]

CBS and DIC Launch Branded Kids Programming Block

by Zeddon January 20, 2006
CBS and DIC Entertainment (DIC) will partner to launch an all-new Saturday morning branded kids programming block to replace the current Nick Jr. block this fall. Entitled “CBS’s Secret Saturday Morning Slumber Party,” the new block will feature three hours of FCC-compliant children’s programming and will serve as a platform to introduce new kids programs […]

"Golden Age" Releases Pushed Back

by Zeddon January 20, 2006
The DVD releases of Golden Age: Cultoons and Golden Age: Cartoons for Victory! have been pushed back to April 11, 2006, according to DVDtoons. Both DVDs will retail for $14.95 SRP each.

"The Wild" Comes to GBA

by Zeddon January 20, 2006
Buena Vista Games has announced a Game Boy Advance tie-in to Walt Disney Pictures’ upcoming animate feature The Wild. Following Samson the Lion in his quest to save his son, the game offers 18 levels of play and is scheduled to ship to retailers on April 4, 2006. [Source: IGN] (via Animated-News)