Bill Plympton Animates Music Video for Kayne West

by Ed Liuon November 22, 2005
An animated music video by Bill Plympton for Kayne West’s “Heard ‘Em Say” debuted on MTV on Monday, November 21. Plympton’s 12 Tiny Christmas Tales is also one of several programs on a “viewer’s choice” poll at (via Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat weblog)

"My Beautiful Girl Mari": Innocence, Never Really Lost

by on November 22, 2005
The first thing My Beautiful Girl Mari (titled simply Mari’s Tale in the original Korean) brings to mind is My Neighbor Totoro. Both have huge flying furry creatures, both have children escaping from the troubles of their families into worlds of fantasy and both are artistically stunning. The Korean feature shares many aspects with the […]

Derek Lamb, Animated Short Film Maker 1936 – 2005

by Ed Liuon November 22, 2005
Derek Lamb, a producer of animated short films, passed away on November 5 due to cancer at the age of 69 (registration required). Lamb won two Academy Awards for the short films Every Child and Special Delivery. He also co-produced the animated lead-in for PBS’s Mystery!, which featured art by Edward Gorey.

"The Pink Panther Show" Box Set Streets January 31

by Zeddon November 21, 2005
The Pink Panther Show – Classic Cartoon Collection 5-Pack Box Set, previously scheduled for release in July 2005, has now been rescheduled for release on January 31, 2006, TVShowsOnDVD reports. The set will retail for $69.96 SRP. TVShowsOnDVD has cover art.

BKN Announces Record Earnings and Share Buy-back Program

by Zeddon November 21, 2005
BKN International AG (BKN), a global animation company engaged in the distribution and marketing of animated children’s television programs and related consumer products, today reported financial results for the year ended September 30, 2005. For the year, Net Income increased 154 percent to EUR 4.3 million, compared with EUR 1.7 million in 2004; while Earnings […]

HIT/Nick UK Renew "Bob the Builder"

by Zeddon November 21, 2005
HIT Entertainment has renewed its deal with Nickelodeon UK for Bob the Builder, C21Media reports. The deal is for a re-license of the first five series of Bob the Builder, making a total of nine series currently under license.

"King Kong: The Animated Series" Comes to DVD

by Zeddon November 21, 2005
Classic Media has released King Kong: The Animated Series, according to AWN. Each DVD contains five half-hour episodes of King Kong that originally aired on ABC, as well as one Tom From T.H.U.M.B segment. The series sells in two separate volumes for $12.98 SRP each.

Marvel, Fadel Partners Sign Agreement

by Zeddon November 21, 2005
Fadel Partners, Inc., a certified Oracle partner, has signed a services agreement with Marvel Entertainment, Inc. to implement a rights and royalties management software solution (RRM) utilizing the Oracle E-Business Suite 11i. The RRM software will help Marvel improve revenue projection and cash management and increase financial return on intellectual property rights. Fadel Partners will […]

"Teen Titans Go!" Writer J. Torres Interviewed by Global Nation

by Ed Liuon November 21, 2005
J. Torres, writer of the Teen Titans Go! tie-in comic book, has been interviewed by Global Nation about his career in the comic book industry. The interview ranges over almost all of Torres’ comic book work, including his debut Copybook Tales, his work on Teen Titans Go!, his upcoming comics Lola: A Ghost Story and […]

"Fullmetal Alchemist" Vol. 6: Homunculicious!

by on November 21, 2005
We’re just about at the halfway mark and things are heating to the boiling point. Ed and Al are on the cusp of finally discovering the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone in the military’s mysterious Laboratory Five. With Al locked in a life or death duel, episode 21 begins. On this disc, we see more […]