"Detective Comics" Drops Back-Up Stories, Price

by James Harveyon June 27, 2005
Notice anything different about the official DC Comics website for Detective Comics? Don’t be shocked if you missed it, but DC has quietly revealed the long-running comic series will be dropping the 8-page backup story beginning in September. Detective Comics featured the usual 22-page main story along with an extra 8-page backup story, usually multi-part, […]

McGruff Takes a Bite Out of Identity Theft

by Ed Liuon June 27, 2005
McGruff the Crime Dog will star in a new ad campaign to counter identity theft (free registration required). The animated dog in a trench coat has been a longtime fixture of public-service announcements from the National Crime Prevention Council. A publicity campaign to celebrate his 25th birthday starts today.

Shark’s Fin Soup Off the Menu at Disneyland Hong Kong

by Ed Liuon June 27, 2005
A report in the New York Times states that Disney has taken shark’s fin soup off the menu at Hong Kong’s Disneyland theme park, concluding that shark fishing cannot be conducted in an environmentally sensitive way (free registration required). The dish is a Chinese delicacy often served at wedding banquets and other social occasions.

John Fiedler 1925 – 2005

by Ed Liuon June 27, 2005
Veteran voice actor John Fiedler passed away on Saturday, June 25, 2005, at the age of 80 (free registration required). Fiedler was the voice of Piglet in Disney’s Winnie the Pooh cartoons since the 1960s. He also performed on Broadway and in numerous other live-action films.

"Five Star Stories": One Short Epic

by Chris Woodon June 27, 2005
Accompany me if you will on a journey back in time to 1977, when the entirety of the Star Wars saga was contained in a single two-hour film. It featured many tantalizing references to unseen places, people, and events, causing viewers to speculate feverishly about just who this Anakin guy was and what the Clone […]

Paul Winchell, R.I.P.

by Zeddon June 26, 2005
Paul Winchell, the voice of Tigger, died at home in his sleep on Friday morning, The Associated Press reports. He was 82 years old.

Billy West Hosts CA Cartoon Event

by Zeddon June 26, 2005
Voice actor Billy West is hosting a celebration of classic cartoon characters at The Museum of Television & Radio. West will lead a workshop on voice acting that includes a contest for the best new voice imitations of well-known characters; classic cartoons will be screened; and refreshments will be served in the Bell Gallery, where […]

"Yugo the Negotiator" Gets July 26 DVD Date

by Maxie Zeuson June 24, 2005
ADV Films will release Yugo the Negotiator – Pakistan 1: Departure to DVD on July 26, the company said today. The DVD-only release will feature episodes 1 through 3 in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles. Extras include a video segment “What is Yugo the Negotiator?”; interviews with original story author Shinji […]

Nickelodeon Re-launches Nick Arcade

by Zeddon June 24, 2005
Nickelodeon is re-launching Nick Arcade on July 1. The service will re-launch with more than 60 premium downloadable games, including published games such as SpongeBob Obstacle Odyssey, The Fairly OddParents Big Superhero Wish, and Jimmy Neutron Invention Revenge, as well as Nick Jr. titles such as Dora’s Rapido River Rafting Race. The site will […]

"Spider-Man 2," "Care Bears," and "Dora" Acquire LIMA Awards

by Zeddon June 24, 2005
Marvel Enterprises & Sony Pictures Consumer Products won top honors at the Annual LIMA Gala and Awards Ceremony as Spider-Man 2 was named the 2004 Overall Best License of the Year. In addition, “Spider-Man 2 The Movie Promotion” was awarded the Best Promotion of the Year. Separately, Disguise Inc. won the Best Character Brand Licensee […]