Virgin Group Enters Animation Business

by Zeddon January 8, 2006
Virgin Group has entered a partnership with Gotham Entertainment Group and two other parties to launch two companies, Virgin Animation in Bangalore and Virgin Comics in New York. The deal will bring Virgin into the comics and animation business for the first time. [Source: Times Online]

Animated "Mahabharat" Comes to India

by Zeddon January 8, 2006
Asia’s leading animation studio Toonz has signed with Mumbai-based production house Impact Vision to produce the Indian epic Mahabharat as a combination of animation, lyrics, and music in Hindi. The Chennai Online News Service has details.

"The Wild" Trailer Comes to Starz

by Zeddon January 8, 2006
The trailer for Walt Disney Pictures’ The Wild will premiere on Starz on January 9. The trailer will air on the following Starz Entertainment Group channels at the following times: * Starz – 7:15pm * Starz Kids & Family – 5:30pm * Starz Comedy – 10:00pm [Source: PR Newswire]

Comedy Central’s "MotherLoad" Announces "Golden Age" Animation

by Zeddon January 8, 2006
Comedy Central’s broadband network “MotherLoad” has announced its slate of programming for early 2006, including an animated series entitled Golden Age. The series features profiles of what happened to long-since-retired cartoon characters. [Source: PR Newswire]

Viacom Names James Bombassei Senior VP of Investor Relations

by Zeddon January 8, 2006
James Bombassei has been appointed Senior Vice President of Investor Relations at Viacom Inc. Bombassei, reporting to Michael J. Dolan, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Viacom, is responsible for all Investor Relations functions, including shareholder communications and the company’s relationships with securities analysts and money managers. Bombassei moves into his new function […]

Dwayne McDuffie Interviewed at Word Balloon

by screw on headon January 6, 2006 has a new audio interview with Justice League Unlimited’s producer/story editor Dwayne McDuffie. Discussion topics include Static Shock, Damage Control, Deathlok, and his new Fantastic Four comic book special, as well as his work on Justice League. To listen to the interview, click here.

"Baki the Grappler" Vol. 4: More Animated Pain

by on January 6, 2006
When I first heard about Baki the Grappler, I wasn’t too interested. My first look at the series, volume 2, didn’t change my perception all that much, either. But volume 3 gave me hope that the series was going to get much, much better and exceed my expectations, and volume 4 continues that trend. Last […]

FUNimation Announces New Titles For April and May

by SB20xxon January 6, 2006
While FUNimation does not have any new series to launch during April and May, it has several further volumes for many of their longer-running series. The company plans to release new installments of Baki the Grappler, Case Closed, Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kodocha, and others. has details.

Geneon Announces New Titles For May and June

by SB20xxon January 6, 2006
The Law of Ueki, a comedy shounen series dealing with a supernatural competition between junior high students to attain god status, is slated to debut with its first volume on May 17, 2006. The DVD will run for 100 minutes (4 episodes) and will retail for $19.98 MSRP. Other currently running Geneon series set for […]

Nick U.K. Comes to Freeview

by Zeddon January 5, 2006
Nickelodeon U.K. is launching a preschool programming block on Freeview through its sister family channel The Music Factory (TMF), C21Media reports. The two-hour block will take the same name as Nickelodeon U.S.’s preschool digital offering–Noggin–and will become available this month on all platforms. The block will feature programming from Nickelodeon’s preschool channel Nick Junior.