Sundance Animated Films Announced

by Zeddon January 22, 2006
Several animated films will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. AWN has details.

Japanese Anime "Kite" Turns Live-Action

by Zeddon January 22, 2006
Mexican commercial directors Jorge and Javier Aguilera will helm a live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime Kite, AWN reports, citing Variety.

Rendering Center To Be Built in Southern China

by Zeddon January 22, 2006
The Institute of Digital Media Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd. will build a rendering center for animation in China, AWN reports. The center will be designed to bring all areas of animation production to the area.

Monster Announces Several Deals on Animated Series

by Zeddon January 22, 2006
Moster Distributes will be shopping its series PICME to NATPE. In addition, Monster has announced distribution agreements for several of their animated series including Jungle Beat, I’m an Animal, and Wemmicks. AWN has details.

Weinstein Co. & Kanbar Team Up for "Hoodwinked Sequel"

by Zeddon January 22, 2006
The Weinstein Company and Kanbar Entertainment are teaming up for a sequel to their current CG-animated release Hoodwinked. The sequel will be entitled Hood vs. Evil, according to Variety and AWN.

"Looney Tunes" Comes to Prima TV

by Zeddon January 22, 2006
Prima TV in the Czech Republic has acquired a slate of movies, TV series, and Looney Tunes animation from Warner Bros. International Television Distribution, World Screen reports. The agreement kicks off in April, and the selection of films, series, and animation is still being determined.

TV Loonland Wins Legal Battle

by Zeddon January 22, 2006
TV Loonland has won its legal battle over excluding shareholder group from its AGM in August 2005, following violation of Section 21 of the Securities Trading Act, C21Media reports. The decision essentially denies the right to sue the German kids producer for exclusion from the AGM.

Comics Previews for Jan 20, 2006: All-Star Superman, Planet Hulk, Lions Tigers &c

by Ed Liuon January 22, 2006
The following free previews for comics are available on the Internet: AVAILABLE NOW – has posted some last-minute previews for comics released last Wednesday, including DC’s All-Star Superman #2 and Infinite Crisis #4. AVAILABLE NEXT WEEK – Mile High Comics has advance looks at next week’s DC and Marvel comic books, including Plastic Man […]

"Disney Buying Pixar" Rumors Gaining Strength

by Ed Liuon January 22, 2006
A report in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal (summarized by Reuters) quoted unnamed sources stating that the Walt Disney Company was in serious talks to acquire Pixar Animation Studios, paying a small premium over Pixar’s market value of $6.7 billion at the time. Since that time, more details of the story have come from a report […]

"Batman" Director Dick Sebast Interviewed

by on January 21, 2006
The World’s Finest recently managed to catch up with Batman: The Animated Series director Dick Sebast to discuss his work on the cartoon. Sebast speaks on his Emmy Award winning work on Robin’s Reckoning, what it was like working with the various animation companies, and more. Click the above link to read the interview.