"Hello Kitty's Once Upon a Time": Kitty Does Aesop (Proud)

Today Pikachu seems to be the spokesanimal for anime cuteness, but for decades cuddly feline Hello Kitty ruled the roost (litterbox?). She still presides over a vast merchandising empire, and her likeness is ubiquitous the world over. Why, even I can remember owning a pair of Kitty-chan’s scissors way back when. No, I’d prefer you […]

"Elektra": The Lady in Red is Boring

And they just keep on coming. Determined to leave no potentially profit-concealing stone in their universe unturned, Marvel Comics has begun to crank out films about characters that even casual comic readers would stick in one of Hollywood Squares‘s dustier corners. Apparently falling victim to the Titanic fallacy (audiences love Titanic, audiences must also love […]

Teletoon Plans Earth Day Programming

Teletoon will air special Earth Day programming on Friday, April 22, from 4:00pm – 7:00pm. The network’s Earth Day episodes include: 4:00pm: Atomic Betty – “Like Father, Like Scum/Planet Stinxx” 4:30pm: Totally Spies – “Ice Man Cometh” 6:00pm: My Dad the Rock Star – “Call of the Wild” 6:30pm: Braceface – “Just Quacks” [Source: Teletoon]

First Look at the New Clark Kent

Superhero Hype reports that Getty Images has posted the first images of Brandon Routh as Clark Kent from Superman Returns.

"A.D. Police": They Do The Job, But That's All

The A.D. Police are Genom City’s specialized division to handle insane androids. Yes, the future’s so messed up there’s a branch of the police devoted exclusively to dealing with mutated psycho bots. Buddy-cop drama meets the post-apocalyptic in this classic anime, but how does A.D. Police hold up nowadays? Episodes included in this set Episode […]

"Tsukihime:" A Vampire Series that Doesn't Suck, Literally

Vampires. They turn up on more than a few occasions in anime. Usually it’s in a pretty action intensive context. Tsukhime bucks this trend, opting for more drama than action, and oddly enough, it works incredibly well. We open with Shiki Tohno, a young boy in a hospital who happens to be able to see […]

"Clone Wars" Gets Special Broadcast in May

Cartoon Network will broadcast Star Wars: Clone Wars in its entirety on Saturday, May 14, at 7:00pm, the network said today. The special one-time presentation will include chapters 1 through 25. [Source: Cartoon Network]

Sci Fi Developing New Brendon Small Toon

Sci Fi Channel has added Brendon Small’s Barbarian Chronicles, a half-hour animated ensemble comedy set in a magical realm, to its development slate for the 2006-07 season, AWN reports. Small and David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants are producing. Sci Fi Channel is also developing Those Who Walk in Darkness, a series based on the webtoon and […]

"Animaniacs" Game Coming this Spring

Ignition Entertainment will release Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt to the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Game Cube platforms later this year, according to Xbox365 News. The game will hit European shelves in May and North American shelves in June.

ADV Acquires "Yugo the Negotiator"

ADV Films has acquired the rights to Yugo the Negotiator, the company says, and will release it to DVD in four volumes beginning in July 2005. It will also broadcast the series over its Anime Network. The series is based on a manga by Shinji Makari and Shuu Akana about a globe-trotting negotiator whose mastery […]

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