Images and Audio from Batgirl/Poison Ivy themed "The Batman" Promo

by James Harveyon September 8, 2005
Batman: Yesterday, Today & Beyond has audio and video of a recent Batgirl/Poison Ivy-themed commercial for The Batman now online. Click here to see the new media.

Christina Miller Named VP, U.S. Consumer Products for Cartoon Network Enterprises

by Zeddon September 7, 2005
Christina Miller has been named vice president, U.S. consumer products for Cartoon Network Enterprises, the company announced today. In her new position, Miller will be responsible for the commercial development of Cartoon Network brands into relevant consumer products franchises. She will oversee Cartoon Network Enterprises’ licensing, retail, and product strategies; manage the U.S. consumer products […]

McDuffie on Taking "Justice League" And Making it "Unlimited"

by James Harveyon September 7, 2005
With the new season premiering on Cartoon Network for an entire hour on September 17th, here caught up with the series Producer and Story Editor, Dwayne McDuffie, who explained the genesis of taking Justice League and making it Unlimited. Click on the above link for the interview. Also, check out Toon Zone’s interview with Dwayne […]

"Zixx: Level Two": Don’t Blame Canada!

by Chad Boninon September 7, 2005
Alien cop Zixx Phunkee Zee and her reptile sidekick Flanngo have beaten Level One but have lost contact with their two previous human partners. All is well, but when Level Two starts up two kids from the town of Glen River accidentally get sucked into their intergalactic and digital war. Lost? I am too. Zixx […]

"Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok" Coming to DVD in October

by Maxie Zeuson September 6, 2005
ADV Films will release the first DVD volume of Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok on October 18, the company says. Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok: God & Detectives will include the first four episodes presented in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles.  Video extras include character art gallery; “Actors Talk” segment with Seiyuu Yuriko […]

Preview for Komikwerks’ "Thrills & Chills" Anthology

by Ed Liuon September 6, 2005 has posted an 11-page preview of Komikwerks’ Thrills & Chills anthology comic. The book contains several stories by comic book and animation professionals, including Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock), Keith Giffen, and Tom Mandrake. The 200 page digest comic should be available at comic book shops now for $9.95.

"Ghost Rider" Release Date Moved

by La Parkaon September 6, 2005
Superhero Hype! reports that Ghost Rider has been moved up three weeks from its initial release date of August 4, 2006 to July 14, 2006.

"Gunslinger Girl" Volume 2: Girls Just Want to Shoot Guns

by Chris Woodon September 6, 2005
One of anime’s unique and recently popular genres, seen in series like Noir, Najica Blitz Tactics, and Madlax, is girls with guns. In the 2003 show Gunslinger Girl (GG), they are mere children. The second volume of this exciting series, “Vita, Passionee…Pistole: Life, Happiness, and the Gun,” contains episodes 6 through 9. GG is a […]

"Clone Wars" Vol. 2 Coming to DVD December 6

by Maxie Zeuson September 6, 2005
Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 2 will be released to DVD on December 6, reports. The DVD will contain five twelve-minute chapters; bonuses include galleries of animation concept art, storyboards, sketches, trailers for two upcoming LucasArts video games, and an Xbox playable demo of Battlefront II.

"AnimeToonz" Vol. 3 Coming October 4

by Maxie Zeuson September 6, 2005
Jellybean Recordings will release AnimeToonz Volume 3: Kristine Sa to CD on October 4.  Two separate editions of the release will feature remixes of theme songs from such series as Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Seed, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura.  All lyrics remain in their original Japanese language. The CD will feature Kristine Sa. Downloadable […]