Press Release: ADV Announces August 8 Releases

by Ed Liuon July 16, 2006
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ADV ANNOUNCES AUGUST 8 RELEASES HOUSTON, July 12, 2006 —ADV Films, the number one producer-distributor of anime in North America, is pleased to announce three exciting new titles set to hit the streets on August 8, including the first volume in the new series Papuwa, a new Farscape Starburst Edition, and a […]

Art Asylum to Make New "Speed Racer" Cartoons

by Ed Liuon July 16, 2006
Art Asylum has announced a major initiative revolving around Speed Racer, one of the earliest Japanese anime shows imported to America. The centerpiece will be a new set of Speed Racer toys, each of which will contain a DVD of Speed’s new animated adventures. Art Asylum promises “a new take on Speed Racer – he […]

"Mobile Suit Gundam 0083-The Afterglow of Zeon": Turn Out That Light!!

by Grant Whiteon July 16, 2006
When you create a smash hit, it’s natural to want to spread the hype as far as you can. As Pokemon became a world wide phenomenon, Bandai/Sunrise hoped for similar success with the Gundam franchise… far, Haro plushies aren’t quite outselling Pikachus. Whilst the focus of this campaign has been America, other parts of the […]

"Gundam: Lost War Chronicles" Is Completely Pointless

by Dukeon July 16, 2006
One of the most pervasive trends in Gundam history is the sidestory. Nowhere is this used more than in the Universal Century. Ask any Gundam nut and they can rattle off almost a dozen sidestories based on the One Year War (covered in the original series, Mobile Suit Gundam) alone, not even counting all the […]

Heads Up! "The Amazing Screw-On Head" Pilot Rocks!

by screw on headon July 15, 2006
Having been a big fan of the original comic book since it’s release in May 2002, I have to say I’m relieved. Not only does The Amazing Screw-On Head pilot hold up to the comic, but it stands on its own as the start of what could be a potentially awesome animated series, offering both […]

"The Amazing Screw-On Head": Faithful Adaptation, Accessible to All

by Bird Boyon July 15, 2006
Ever since seeing Hellboy in theaters, I’ve been a fan of Mike Mignola. While I admittedly have seen or read very few of his works, I was rather excited when I heard about The Amazing Screw-On Head being put into production. I didn’t follow the actual progression of the show or even read the comics, […]

Final Volume of "He-Man" Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson July 14, 2006
BCI Eclipse and Entertainment Rights are releasing the final box set of the original He-Man & the Masters of the Universe on DVD on September 19th. The six-disc box set contains the final 32 episodes of the classic 80s toon including one of the most popular episodes, “The Problem with Power.” The box set also […]

Press Release: "He-Man": Season 2, Volume 2

by Dan Collinson July 14, 2006
NAVARRE CORPORATION’S BCI ANNOUNCES THE FINAL VOLUME IN ITS BEST-SELLING SERIES <O</O “HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE®“ <O</O Season Two, Volume Two—Featuring the Final 32 Episodes of the Original Series—Available September 19th For $49.98 Includes Two Feature Documentaries <O</O Los Angeles, CA – All good things must come to an end….including the final […]

Press Release: “Groovie Goolies”: The Saturday "Mourning" Collection

by Dan Collinson July 14, 2006
ONE OF THE GROOVIEST CARTOONS FROM THE ’70S COMES TO DVD AS NAVARRE CORPORATION’S BCI INTRODUCES <O</O “GROOVIE GOOLIES”<O</O <O</O The Saturday “Mourning” Collection <O</O Available October 24th For $29.98<O</O <O</O Los Angeles, CA – They were the grooviest, most eclectic array of animated monsters ever to hit the small screen in the early ’70s. […]

Screenwriting Expo Dedicates a Day to Pixar

by Ed Liuon July 14, 2006
Pixar’s Andrew Stanton will be keynoting this year’s Screenwriting Expo to be held in Los Angeles from October 19-22, according to a report on Jerry Beck’s Cartoon Brew weblog. Stanton’s keynote will be the foundation of an entire day dedicated to Pixar that will culminate in a panel discussion with Brad Bird and Mark Andrews […]