Marvel, Lee Settle Lawsuit

Marvel Enterprises and Stan Lee have settled all pending litigation connected to a lawsuit in which Lee laid claim to part of Marvel’s Spider-Man profits, Marvel said today. Terms were not disclosed, but the company separately reported taking a $10 million charge against first quarter profits in order to settle the litigation. [Source: Business Wire]

NASCAR Gets Batmobile

The Batman Begins Batmobile will be one of the attractions at the NASCAR Nextel Cup “Batman Begins 400,” to be held June 19 at the Michigan International Speedway, NASCAR and Warner Bros. said today. The Batmobile will be featured in the Batman Begins Fan Zone, a newly redesigned fan area behind the main grandstand at […]

"Kids Next Door" Gets August DVD Date

Warner Home Video will release Codename: Kids Next Door: File 2/Volume 2 to DVD on August 23, the company said today. The 85-minute DVD will carry a $14.97 price tag. [Source: Warner Home Video]

Teletoon Announces Father's Day Programming, June Highlights

Teletoon will air special Father’s Day programming on Sunday, June 19, 2005. The schedule is as follows (all times ET/PT): 9:30am – Atomic Betty – “The Really Big Game/And the Winner Is” 2:30pm – The Jetsons – “Far Out Father” 3:00pm – Tales from The Cryptkeeper – “Cave Man” 10:00pm – Family Guy – “Death […]

Teletoon Announces Mother's Day Programming

Teletoon is hosting “Oh Mother,” a programming tribute in honor of Mother’s Day, on Sunday, May 8, 2005. The schedule is as follows: 12:00pm (Encores – 3:00pm, 8:00pm) – The Bugs Bunny Mother’s Day Special: Bugs Bunny’s Baby Boomers 12:30pm – Johnny Bravo – “Home Alone” 2:00pm – Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids 3:30pm – […]

YTV June Movies Announced

YTV has scheduled the following movies for the month of June: Batman (1989) – Saturday, June 4, 9:00pm Superman (1978) – Sunday, June 5, at 4:00pm Acceleracers II: The Speed of Silence (2005) – Saturday, June 11, 4:00pm (Premiere) Batman Returns (1992) – Saturday, June 11, 9:00pm Superman II (1980) – Sunday, June 12, 4:00pm […]

"Loonatics" to be Retooled After Online Petition

The Internet petition started by 11-year-old Thomas Adams paid back. The thousands of signatures convinced Kids WB to rework on the designs of the characters of their upcoming series Loonatics, which was supposed to feature updated versions of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and other Looney Tunes characters fighting crime in a futuristic setup. Scott Rowe, […]

Lucas Announces 3-D "Star Wars" Series

George Lucas announced his intention to develop two new television series in the Star Wars universe, one live action and one in cgi animation. The latter will likely take advantage of Lucasfilm’s new Singapore animation facility and both new series would be set in the years between the Star Wars films Episode III: Revenge of […]

AN Launches "Haré+Guu" Website

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AN Entertainment today launched the website for their upcoming series “Haré+Guu” (originally “Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu”). The site notes that the release for the 26-episode series will come on seven DVDs, with four episodes each on Volumes 1-5 and three on Volumes 6 and 7. They also announced that they would co-produce the […]

Dick Giordano Interviewed

Longtime comics creator and editor Dick Giordano has been interviewed at Comicon.com’s PULSE News. Giordano has been active in nearly all aspects of producing comics since the early 1950’s and has been a prominent figure at Charlton, DC, and Marvel comics throughout his decades-long career.

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