Academy Hosts "The Animated Performance"

by Maxie Zeuson July 18, 2005
The Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will host “The Animated Performance: Art Meets Technology” on Friday, July 29, with Bill Kroyer leading an evening discussion of the evolution of animation. Special guests will include Brad Bird, Eric Goldberg, Jan Pinkava, Richie Baneham, and Steve Hornby. The presentation […]

"SpongeBob" Season 3 to DVD in September

by Maxie Zeuson July 18, 2005
Paramount will release SponeBob SquarePants: Season 3 to DVD on September 27, TV Shows on DVD reports. The three-disc set will retail for $49.99.

CN Launches "Tiny TV" Pre-School Block Down Under

by Maxie Zeuson July 18, 2005
Cartoon Network Asia will lauch Tiny TV, a one-hour preschool block, on Monday, August 15, in Australia, according to c21 Media. The block will feature Postman Pat, The Secret World of Benjamin Bear, The Little Red Tractor and Merlin the Magical Puppy.

More "Creature Comforts" in September

by Benon July 18, 2005
On September 27, thirteen new short films from Aardman Animation based on Nick Park’s original 1990 short, “Creature Comforts,” will be released on DVD. The films on the one-disc Creature Comforts The Complete First Season set previously aired on Comedy Central in the United States and were nominated for a BAFTA (British Academy of Film […]

"Cromartie" Legal Woes End UPDATED: Civil Suit Against Franchise Presses Forward

by Benon July 18, 2005
The legal problems that might have halted screenings of the live action adaptation of the manga Sakigake! Cromartie High School have ended for now. Warren Cromartie, a baseball player famous in Japan, previously said he was unhappy that his name had been used in a series about delinquents and punks and last month filed for […]

The Wonderful Horror of "Invader Zim"

by Maxie Zeuson July 17, 2005
The Internet is full of conspiracy theories. About aliens and the JFK assassination; about 9/11 and the Illuminati and the New World Order; about clones and Nazis and faked moon landings. But far and away the most lunatic conspiracy theory I’ve seen has to be the one about Invader Zim. You see—and don’t roll your […]

"Kyo Kara Maoh! Vol.1": Much Funnier Than "Will And Grace"

by Karl Olsonon July 16, 2005
Ah, shonen-ai. “Boy-love,” for those not in the know, and it’s not only a polite way of saying “somewhat gay” in Japanese, it’s also a genre of anime and manga where the focus is (you guessed it) a gay relationship. Now, these titles can range in quality from the seminal Gravitation to the forgettable Only […]

"Hanaukyo Maid Team Vol. 2": Maid Action Made to Order

by James915on July 16, 2005
Another Maid show? *Groan* That’s what a lot of people must have thought when they first heard about Hanaukyo Maid Team, and really, it’s true. The fanservice genre has been worn into the ground. Hand Maid May was the pinnacle of what a fanservicey-yet-sentimental show about maids could be. Popping this disc in, I was […]

Fan Coverage of "The Batman," "Justice League Unlimited" Comic-Con Panel

by James Harveyon July 16, 2005
Fans flocked to the The Batman and Justice League Unlimited Superhero Action Panel, a revealing panel and Q&A session, including never-before-seen footage and other special surprises. Click here to read the fan coverage of an all-new episode of JLU and world-premiere footage from The Batman vs. Dracula, Warner Home Video’s upcoming feature-length thriller. Coverage begins […]

Scott Garner Promoted at Disney Channel

by Zeddon July 16, 2005
Scott Garner has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Programming at Disney Channel, where he will continue to oversee the planning and scheduling of all kids TV content on four networks: Disney Channel, Toon Disney, ABC Family, and the ABC Television Network’s Saturday morning ABC Kids block. Based at Disney Channel’s Burbank headquarters, Garner […]