"Postman Pat" Comes to Japan

by Zeddon July 6, 2005
On the heels of the recent U.S. broadcast deal, Postman Pat is now set to begin airing in Japan next year. Some 80 of the new 15-minute episodes, plus four half-hour specials, will launch on the Disney Channel in Japan in April 2006. [Source: C21 Media]

"Benjamin Bear" Gets Third Season

by Zeddon July 6, 2005
The Canadian Family Channel has ordered a third season of Ottawa-based Amberwood Entertainment’s cartoon The Secret World of Benjamin Bear, C21 Media reports, adding another 13 half hours to the library. The order brings the total library to 39 half hours.

Nickelodeon Launches TurboNick

by Zeddon July 6, 2005
Nickelodeon is launching TurboNick, a broadband video platform available on that allows viewers to watch full length shows online at any time. The service features up to 20 hours of new programming each week, allowing viewers to watch programming clips and full length episodes ranging from 30 seconds to 22 minutes in length. TurboNick […]

Toon Boom Studio Goes to Version 3

by Ed Liuon July 6, 2005
Toon Boom Animation, Inc. has announced Toon Boom Studio v3, a major upgrade to their 2D animation software for MacOS and Windows. New features include a Free Transform tool, improved sound scrubbing to adjust lip synchronization, and anti-aliasing support under MacOS X.

Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center Announced

by Ed Liuon July 6, 2005
Lisa Kirby, daughter of Jack Kirby, has announced the creation of the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center. The new museum will focus on the study, preservation, and appreciation of Kirby, best known as the co-creator of many of Marvel Comics’ most iconic characters.

Disney and Sprint to Launch Mobile Phone Service

by Ed Liuon July 6, 2005
The Walt Disney Corporation is teaming with Sprint to launch a national wireless phone service in the United States next year. The service, to be called Disney Mobile, will be designed for families and will be part of the Walt Disney Internet Group, which currently offers Disney-branded content for mobile phones.

Selby Kelly, 1917 - 2005

by Ed Liuon July 6, 2005
Writer Mark Evanier is reporting the passing of Selby Daley Kelly over the July 4th weekend. Kelly was the wife of cartoonist Walt Kelly (Pogo). She worked for multiple Hollywood animation studios before marrying Kelly and assisting on the Pogo comic strip. (CORRECTION: Evanier notes that Kelly’s passing was two weeks ago and only reported […]

Ben Burtt Moves to Pixar; Possible Director for "Chassis"

by Ed Liuon July 6, 2005
Academy Award winning sound designer Ben Burtt has left his position at Lucasfilm for Pixar Animation Studios. A recent news item on’s The Beat weblog suggests that Burtt may be directing Chassis, an adaptation of a comic book series from Hurricane Comics that centers around an independent rocket car driver from an alternate history […]

New "Gargoyles" DVD On The Way

by James Harveyon July 5, 2005
Greg Weisman has confirmed for Toon Zone that Gargoyles: The Animated Series – Season Two, Volume One is on the way. Exact number of episodes, extras, release date and price are expected to be announced by Disney in the near future.

Credit But No Cash for Kirby in "Fantastic Four"

by Ed Liuon July 5, 2005
A brief column in the Los Angeles Times states that Jack Kirby, co-creator of Marvel Comics’ Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, and the X-Men, will be receiving some kind of recognition in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, but his estate will still receive no monetary compensation for his contributions. (via Mark Evanier’s weblog; […]