Modern Times Adds Toon Disney, Cartoon Network to Viacom Platform

by Zeddon July 1, 2005
Modern Times Group will add Toon Disney (August 1) and Cartoon Network (September 23), among other channels, to its Viacom Broadcasting platform, World Screen reports. The channels will be available at no additional cost to the platform’s subscribers.

Bandai at Anime Expo 2005

by Zeddon July 1, 2005
Bandai has released information on what will be available at their booth at Anime Expo 2005. You can find full information on their corporate site.

"Madagascar" Penguins Appear at High Performance Computing Users Conference

by Zeddon July 1, 2005
The Penguin characters from the movie Madagascar will be appearing in a video at the Second Annual High Performance Computing (HPC) Users Conference. The video by DreamWorks Animation depicts how HPC impacts the daily life of the average consumer and will be shown for the first time at the conference on July 13 in Washington, […]

"Amazing Screw-On Head" Cartoon Comes to Sci Fi Next Year

by Zeddon July 1, 2005
The Sci Fi channel will premiere a new 30-minute cartoon entitled Amazing Screw-On Head some time during the year 2006, the network said in a statement. Adapted from the comic book by Mike Mignola, Amazing Screw-On Head is an animated comedy that chronicles the exploits of Screw-On Head, a secret agent robot who works for […]

Marvel Embraces Oracle Technology

by Zeddon July 1, 2005
Marvel Enterprises will standardize its entire enterprise on the Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Technology, enabling the company to streamline rights and royalties operations for its more than 5,000 characters. The implementation will provide a foundation for all of the company’s business groups including entertainment, toys, licensing, and publishing. Marvel had previously relied on a […]

Pixar Cuts Second Quarter Financial Outlook

by Zeddon July 1, 2005
Pixar Animation Studios on Thursday cut its second quarter outlook to approximately $0.10 per diluted share, down from its earlier estimate of $0.15 per diluted share, citing an increase in its reserves for potential returns after reviewing home video sales data for The Incredibles, PR Newswire reports. This equates to roughly a $6 million difference […]

YTV to Re-Air JLU Season Finale

by James Harveyon June 30, 2005
Due to the initial broadcast being disrupted by a technical error on Friday, June 24, the Canadian network YTV will re-air the Justice League Unlimited season finale “Epilogue” this coming Friday, July 1, at 9:00pm (ET).

"Star Ocean EX": RPG Clichés in Anime Form!

by Dukeon June 30, 2005
This may come as a shock to some of you, but I have never in my life owned either a Playstation or a Playstation 2, nor do I plan to get one anytime soon (happy with GameCube). Even though I’ve never played it, I have still heard of the Star Ocean video game series, mostly […]

TV Schedules Updated

by Zeddon June 30, 2005
Several schedule updates are now available on the Toon Zone Schedules Page. Please keep checking back for further updates.

Looney Tunes Come to Mobile Phones

by Maxie Zeuson June 30, 2005
Sprint is bringing Looney Tunes to mobile video, the company said today. The company’s “Looney Tunes and Friends” will offer continuous three- to five- minute video streams of Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Flintstones and Jetsons cartoons. Original Looney Tunes shorts created by Warner Bros. Online will debut later this year. Sprint says the channel will feature […]