"Cartoon Kings" Profiles Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall

by Zeddon December 16, 2005
ITV1 has given UK startup Made in Manchester Productions its first commission: a profile of pioneering British animation duo Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall — according to C21Media. Cartoon Kings will be broadcast during the spring of 2006, in time for the anniversary of Cosgrove and Hall’s 30th year in the animation business.

"Disney Plans to Buy Pixar" Rumors Resurface

by Ed Liuon December 15, 2005
A report in The Wall Street Journal is resurrecting a rumor (again) that Disney is considering an outright purchase of Pixar Animation Studios to essentially turn it into their animated film division. The two companies are still engaged in renegotiation talks over their partnership, where Disney co-finances Pixar films and pays for compensation and marketing […]

Time-Warner is First to Offer "Family Friendly" Cable Package

by Ed Liuon December 15, 2005
Time-Warner Cable has become the first cable company to offer a “family friendly” channel package, as was hinted at earlier this week. The channel lineup will include Boomerang, the Disney Channel, and Toon Disney, as well as other channels such as CNN, Food Network, HGTV, and Discovery Kids. The service will cost $33 a month […]

Marvel Begins Digital Comics Initiative

by Ed Liuon December 15, 2005
Marvel Comics has opened a new section of their site for digital comics, with the debut titles being Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 by Peter David and Mike Wieringo, She-Hulk (vol. 1) #1 by Dan Slott and Juan Bobillo, Captain America #1 by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting, and an episode of Franklin Richards: Son of […]

Jared Stern to Pen for Disney Feature Animation

by Zeddon December 14, 2005
Writer Jared Stern has signed a two-year overall deal with Walt Disney Feature Animation, AWN reports, citing Variety. It is not yet known what his first project will be.

Disney Restructures EMEA

by Zeddon December 14, 2005
Walt Disney TV EMEA is restructuring in an expansion drive, bringing the company’s UK, Scandinavian and Middle East channels together under one person. AWN has details.

Jetix Europe Hires New Creative Director

by Zeddon December 14, 2005
Anil Mistry has been named creative director of Jetix Europe, C21Media reports. Mistry will report to Shari Donnenfeld, senior VP of marketing and communications at Jetix Europe.

Playhouse Disney Comes to Philippines

by Zeddon December 14, 2005
Walt Disney Television International (WDTI) has expanded its pay-TV presence in the Philippines with the launch of a Playhouse Disney Channel feed into the region, according to C21Media. The channel is WDTI’s second 24-hour network in the Asia region since Disney Channel.

Digital Dimension Completes "Deepo" Aquarium Film

by Zeddon December 14, 2005
Digital Dimension has completed Deepo, an underwater adventure piece that marks the company’s first all-CG entry. Renowned theme park attraction developer Gary Goddard entered a partnership with Digital Dimension to produce and direct the film, which is the centerpiece of the 4-D theater presentation at the recently opened 500,000-square-foot, $250 million new Georgia Aquarium in […]

Namco Announces "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron"

by Zeddon December 14, 2005
Namco Hometek Inc. on Tuesday announced Snoopy vs. the Red Baron, an aerial-based action adventure game starring Peanuts top dog Snoopy and a cast of classic characters. While taking a nap atop his doghouse, Snoopy has a magical dream and becomes a World War I flying ace who must pilot his bi-plane in a heroic […]