"Brandy & Mr. Whiskers" Comes to Toon Disney

by Zeddon January 4, 2006
The animated series Brandy & Mr. Whiskers will premiere on Toon Disney on Saturday, January 14, with a six-episode marathon (1:00pm – 4:00pm, ET/PT). The regular time slot for the series will be Monday – Friday at 8:00am (ET/PT). [Source: Toon Disney]

‘Ultimate Avengers’ Site/Trailer Now Online

by on January 3, 2006
Lions Gate has officially announced, the official site for Marvel’s direct-to-DVD Ultimate Avengers: The Movie. The site features the trailer (previously seen on the live-action Fantastic Four movie DVD), as well as wallpapers, AIM icons, and other features set to be announced soon. In related news, Hero Realm recently interviewed The Ultimates artist Bryan […]

"Pokémon Advanced" Looks Better, But Lacks Japanese

by on January 2, 2006
You know, it’s amazing how long Pokémon has lasted. Other “fads” like POGs and Furbys have all come and gone. Sure, those franchises have had various relaunches, but they don’t have any kind of consistency. Pokémon, on the other hand, is still one of the most popular shows on Saturday mornings. The games still sell […]

VTV Producing 100-Volume Historical Cartoon

by Zeddon December 31, 2005
Vietnam Television (VTV) is set to produce the first two volumes of a cartoon representing different historical periods in Vietnam since the establishment of the country. Entitled Gieng Thoi Gian (The Well Of Time), the series will include 100 volumes altogether. The total cost of producing the series is estimated at approximately VND13bil, or $812,500 […]

"Animation of India" Airs in Colorado

by Zeddon December 31, 2005
PBS stations in Colorado are airing Animation of India by U.S.-based artist Manick Sorcar, AWN reports, citing PBS stations often air their programs at different times than the scheduled network time, so please check your local listings.

New Animation Studio Launches in Malaysia

by Zeddon December 31, 2005
Catapult Animation Studio has opened in Malaysia, AWN reports. Studio capabilities include 3D animation, modeling, background and set designing, and 2D and Flash-based projects.

"Valiant" Comes to DVD

by Zeddon December 31, 2005
Vanguard Animation’s Valiant is coming to Disney DVD for 29.99 SRP, according to AWN.

Computer Animation Studio Opens in Ontario

by Zeddon December 31, 2005
The Computer Animation Studios of Ontario (CASO) has been formed in Ontario, Canada, AWN reports. As the first single source of information about the computer animation industry in Ontario, CASO will provide government relations, business information, industry research, and other resources to its members.

THQ Links Nickelodeon Videogames With Each Other

by Zeddon December 31, 2005
THQ Inc. has announced a new design feature linking multiple titles in THQ’s Nickelodeon videogame lineup for the PlayStation 2, AWN reports. The feature enables expanded game play and special features for consumers who own more than one of the Nickelodeon titles.

Carrie Dumont Joins Cookie Jar Entertainment

by Zeddon December 31, 2005
Carrie Dumont has joined Cookie Jar Entertainment (from Nelvana) as VP of its business affairs group, AWN reports. Dumont’s duties will include leading the company’s expanding property acquisition, development, and merchandising activities. Her immediate focus will involve overseeing agreements with the roster of partners involved in The Doodlebops and Caillou.