"The Batman" Vol. 2 Shows Promise, But Still Stumbles

by Dukeon November 7, 2005
A few years back, Warner Bros. decided to reinvent the animated Batman. They called it The Batman. It started slow, but now it’s hit its stride, and WB is releasing the first few episodes on DVD. Unfortunately, most of these are better left forgotten. For three years, Gotham has been protected by an angel of […]

Disney Channel November 2005 Movies & Specials

by Zeddon November 6, 2005
The following is a list of the animated movies and specials scheduled to air on Disney Channel during the month of November (note that a few of the airings have already taken place at press time): Alice In Wonderland Sunday, November 20 (6:00 p.m., ET/PT) The Country Bears (2002) Monday, November 14 (8:00 p.m., ET/PT) […]

Teletoon December Highlights

by Zeddon November 6, 2005
Teletoon has announced the following specific programming highlights for the month of December (all times ET/PT): Atomic Betty‘s 60-minute holiday special: “The No-L 9“ Saturday, December 17 (6:30pm) Monday, December 19 (4:00pm) Friday, December 23 (4:00pm) Saturday, December 24 (7:00pm) Sunday, December 25 (11:00am) Carl Squared holiday episode: “Christmas Clone“ Sunday, December 18 (7:00pm) Monday, […]

"Chicken Little": Disney Finds Life After Pixar

by Matt Hazudaon November 6, 2005
Chicken Little, Disney’s first solo attempt at a CG-animated movie since 2000’s botched Dinosaur, proves that they are ready for a post-Pixar world. The humiliating days when Disney had to outsource the magic are over. This new film doesn’t just contradict all those who predicted its spectacular failure. Disney has captured the personality of a […]

"Chicken Little": The Little Poultry That Could

by Lonestarron November 6, 2005
Here it is: Disney’s first CGI animated feature following its breakup with Pixar. I could get right into the panic of fans (myself included) who watched Disney’s traditional animation house crumble and, upon learning of this new direction, ran through the streets crying, “The sky is falling!” But business must come first. In the old […]

Magma, Pictorion Form Animation Studio

by Zeddon November 6, 2005
Magma Films and Pictorion Media have joined forces to create a state-of-the-art animation studio, C21Media reports. The joint-venture production facility — based in Hamburg and Dusseldorf — will be called Pictorion Magma Animation, offering full service for 2D and 3D TV series as well as for feature films.

YTV Announces November Highlights

by Zeddon November 6, 2005
AWN has a list of some of YTV’s programming highlights for the month of November.

"Teen Titans" Fear Itself: Nothing to Fear but Lackluster Extras

by Stuon November 5, 2005
Warner Bros. Home Video has a dubious record when it comes to animated series DVD releases. Some receive fully featured box sets, others are relegated to piecemeal, often less than satisfying individual discs. Teen Titans: Fear Itself is one of the latter, but this time a great episode counts makes it worth picking up. This […]

"Human Crossing" Vol. 3: Stories from Boringville, Japan

by Benon November 5, 2005
Human Crossing sounds like a good idea: an anthology of adult-oriented dramas, each exposing the difficulties of a different set of social relationships. Unfortunately, the intriguing concept is almost its only advantage. The visuals are the most obvious and biggest disappointment. Yes, this isn’t an action show, but there are minimal standards below which a […]

4Kids Announces "Winx Club Volume 2" On DVD

by Zeddon November 4, 2005
4Kids Entertainment Home Video, Inc., in association with FUNimation Entertainment, will release Winx Club Volume 2: The Power of Dragon Fire on DVD on November 15, 2005. The DVD features six episodes of the series and carries a running time of approximately 135 minutes. It will retail for $14.98 SRP. The following is a track […]