OTAKON 2006: ADV Acquires "Utawarerumono"

by zmanjzon August 5, 2006
At Otakon 2006, ADV announced the acquisition of Utawarerumono at their panel on Saturday at noon. Current plans are to title this series Shadow Warrior Chronicles.

OTAKON 2006: Kadokawa Announces Licensees and Release Dates

by zmanjzon August 5, 2006
Kadokawa Pictures used their Saturday panel at Otakon 2006 to confirm several of their upcoming releases including the following: – Full Metal Panic TSR distributed through FUNimation starting November 14, January 9, March 14 and May 6th. – The Third, distibutor to be determined. – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, distributor to be determined, […]

OTAKON 2006: ADV Announces "Shin Angyo Onshi"

by Benon August 5, 2006
At a panel today at Otakon, ADV announced the acquisition of “Shin Angyo Onshi.” Another announcement will be coming later today. [Thanks to zmanjz for on-site reporting.]

Funimation Licenses "School Rumble"

by Benon August 5, 2006
At their 1 p.m. panel at Otakon, Funimation announced the acquisition of School Rumble, including seasons one and two and the OVAs. [Thanks to zmanjz for on-site reporting.]

"Metalocalypse": It’s The Same Old Song

by The Landstanderon August 5, 2006
For Metalocalypse, I couldn’t help but set my expectations high. The reason? Brendon Small, the driving force behind a fantastic little show called Home Movies, was a co-creator. With Brendon comes Tommy Blacha, whose writing credentials include Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter Controls the Universe. The voice talent sounds fun: Besides Small, […]

"G Gundam" Box Set 2: I’m a Wonderbug!

by Dukeon August 5, 2006
G Gundam, the red-headed stepchild of the Gundam universe, finally completes its long journey. The time for the Final Battle of the Gundam Fight is here. Neo Japan. Neo America. Neo France. Neo China. Neo Germany. Neo Russia. Neo Holland. Neo Denmark. Neo Greece. All these countries and more are competing for the right for […]

"G Gundam" Manga: You Too Will Want to Communicate With Your Fists!

by Grant Whiteon August 5, 2006
G Gundam. The name is infamous in anime circles as the black sheep of the long-running Gundam franchise due to its bizarre mecha designs and very un-Gundam story. But the series has its defenders. When it was released in America in 2002 this now decade-old debate took on a new angle. As is standard these […]

G Gundam FIX Figuration: Hi, God. It’s Me, Sailor Moon Gundam.

by Grant Whiteon August 5, 2006
Back when I was 15 (a long five years ago), the Pokemon craze was at its height and networks were desperate to try almost any anime in the hopes of similar success. One such show, creeping onto Cartoon Network’s fledgling Toonami block, was Gundam Wing. I knew little about Gundam at the time, but from […]

DreamWorks Animation Reports $13.7m 2Q Profit

by Ed Liuon August 4, 2006
DreamWorks Animation reported a net profit of .7 million for the 2nd quarter of 2006, largely on the strength of Madagascar on home video and pay television. Revenues from the theatrical release Over the Hedge are not expected to be booked until the fourth quarter home video release.

Ghibli Releases Classic French "Le Roi et L’Oiseau" Cartoon

by Ed Liuon August 3, 2006
Amid Amidi of Cartoon Brew reports that Paul Grimault’s classic cartoon Le Roi et L’Oiseau has just been re-issued on DVD in Japan, thanks to the efforts of Studio Ghibli. The movie, which took nearly 30 years to complete, will also be screened in a limited theatrical run until September 22, and Grimault’s work will […]