Darwyn Cooke Interviewed About "Spirit" Comics

by Ed Liuon August 7, 2006
Writer/artist Darwyn Cooke was interviewed by Bob Andelman about his upcoming Spirit comic book series from DC Comics. The interview focuses primarily on the comics and the directions that Cooke plans to take the classic Will Eisner character, but Cooke also briefly touches on the animated adaptation of DC: The New Frontier which was officially […]

Otakon 2006 News Roundup

by Ed Liuon August 7, 2006
Toon Zone News is on the scene at Otakon 2006 in Baltimore, Maryland. Stay tuned for Toon Zone News’ continuing coverage of Otakon all weekend long. Links to all of Toon Zone’s coverage can be found here: Kadokawa Announces Licensees and Release Dates FUNimation Announces “School Rumble” ADV Announces “Shin Angyo Onshi” Kadokawa Announces Licensees […]

OTAKON 2006: Bandai Reveals "Fighting Fairy Girl"

by Dukeon August 7, 2006
At Bandai’s Premiere Video Reel, the company showed off one of its newest, previously unreleased titles, entitled Fighting Fairy Girl: Rescue Me, Mave-chan! The main star is a young boy named Rei, a typical loser who has finally worked up the courage to attend an anime convention (this one featuring Yukikaze and Stratos 4). There, […]

AvatarSpirit Interviews Track Team, Pt. II

by Ed Liuon August 7, 2006 has posted the second part of their interview with the Track Team, the group that provides the music for Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. This short segment of the interview covers the mechanics of how the group creates music for the show, their use of non-Western instruments, and their favorite contributions to the show.

Didier Ghez Starts "Disney History" Weblog

by Ed Liuon August 7, 2006
Jerry Beck’s Cartoon Brew weblog points out a new Disney History weblog from Didier Ghez, editor of the Walt’s People series of interviews with various Disney insiders. The new weblog promises, “interesting discoveries about Disney history, vintage Disneyana, Disney artwork, the Walt’s People book series, and new books about Disney.” (via Jerry Beck’s Cartoon Brew)

TMNT’s Kevin Munroe Speaks to SciFi Wire

by Ed Liuon August 7, 2006
Kevin Munroe, writer and director of the upcoming CGI-animated TMNT movie, has spoken to SciFi Wire about his aims for the new movie. Munroe candidly states, “We had botched badly [film] number two,” and details the ways he and the creative team are trying to avoid the same mistakes for the new movie. (via Comic […]

"Pinky and the Brain" Vol. 1: Taking Over the World, One DVD at a Time

by Bird Boyon August 6, 2006
I can’t recall ever watching Pinky and the Brain religiously as a kid. But now that a little time has passed, and these DVDs are in my hands, I appreciate the show a bit more. As with most Warner Bros. animation from the ’90s, you begin to pick up on and appreciate more as you […]

OTAKON 2006: ADV Acquires "Utawarerumono"

by zmanjzon August 5, 2006
At Otakon 2006, ADV announced the acquisition of Utawarerumono at their panel on Saturday at noon. Current plans are to title this series Shadow Warrior Chronicles.

OTAKON 2006: Kadokawa Announces Licensees and Release Dates

by zmanjzon August 5, 2006
Kadokawa Pictures used their Saturday panel at Otakon 2006 to confirm several of their upcoming releases including the following: – Full Metal Panic TSR distributed through FUNimation starting November 14, January 9, March 14 and May 6th. – The Third, distibutor to be determined. – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, distributor to be determined, […]

OTAKON 2006: ADV Announces "Shin Angyo Onshi"

by Benon August 5, 2006
At a panel today at Otakon, ADV announced the acquisition of “Shin Angyo Onshi.” Another announcement will be coming later today. [Thanks to zmanjz for on-site reporting.]