Animation and Nelson Shin Bring Rare Unity to Korean Peninsula

by Ed Liuon August 31, 2005
The New York Times covers Nelson Shin’s animated feature film Princess Chung, noting that both North and South Korean teams were responsible for producing the film (free registration required). The article covers Shin’s biography and career highlights, and notes that animation is failing to draw large audiences at the South Korean box office.

DVD Talk Covers "Lilo & Stitch 2" Launch Party

by Ed Liuon August 31, 2005’s das Monkey has posted an article covering the DVD launch party for Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch. Several photos are provided, along with several long audio interviews with cast members and creators.

"Lupin Crisis in Tokyo": Big Laughs in the Biggest City

by Chris Woodon August 31, 2005
People often accuse the James Bond movies of all being the same – seen one, seen them all. Certainly there is an established formula, but different films emphasize different aspects. From Russia with Love is a Cold War spy drama, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service a romance, A View to a Kill high camp, and […]

Robert Goodman Discusses Defunct "The Zeta Project" Series

by James Harveyon August 30, 2005
The World’s Finest has a new Robert Goodman interview online, discussing his work on the defunct cult animated series The Zeta Project. Check out the new interview at the The World’s Finest’s The Zeta Project sub-site.

New "Justice League Unlimited" Episode Information

by James Harveyon August 30, 2005
The World’s Finest has received a first look at episode titles and loglines for four more new Justice League Unlimited episodes. These episodes, information courtesy of Cartoon Network, are currently scheduled to air later this year. Episode #31 – “Flash and Substance” Episode #32 – “Dead Reckoning” Episode #33 – “Patriot Act”   Episode #34 […]

Gemstone Publishing's David Gerstein on Disney Classic Stories Reprints

by Ed Liuon August 30, 2005
David Gerstein, Archival Editor for Gemstone Publishing, has been interviewed by’s PULSE News about Mickey and the Gang Classic Stories in Verse, a 360 page trade paperback reprinting one-page adventure stories starring Disney’s iconic characters. The original comics were published in Good Housekeeping magazine starting in 1934. The trade paperback is available for pre-order […]

The Growth of Anime in America According to "Wired"

by Ed Liuon August 30, 2005
Wired magazine has analyzed the state of the American anime industry, noting that anime now accounts for nearly 7% of all DVDs sold and appears more and more frequently on TV. (via Internet Movie Database Daily Briefing)

"Crabes", "Naive Man" Win Nextoons Awards

by Maxie Zeuson August 30, 2005
Arthur de Pins’ “La Révolution des Crabes” has been named the $10,000 Grand Prize Winner in Nextoons 2005 Film Festival. J.G. Quintel’s “The Naïve Man From Lolliland” won for Producer’s Choice and Student Animator. Finalists include PSYOP’s “Anthem”; Tom Kyzivat’s “Prey”; John Dilworth’s “The Mouschist”; M. Toth Geza’s “Maestro”‘; Rie Ito’s “Betty”; Jiwook Kim’...

"Yumeria" Coming to DVD in October

by Maxie Zeuson August 30, 2005
ADV Films will release Yumeria: Into the Dreamscape on October 11, the company says. The DVD-only release will include episodes one through four in anamorphic video and both English 2.0 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles.  Extras include reverse cover artwork, clean opening and closing animation, and previews. It will retail for $29.98.   [Source: […]

"Deko Boko Friends" Joins Treehouse

by Maxie Zeuson August 30, 2005
Deko Boko Friends will join the lineup of Treehouse TV in September, distributor VIZ Media says. Treehouse will air 61 episodes of the series. [Source: VIZ Media]