"Desert Punk Vol. 5": No Money, More Problems, But Still Compelling

by Karl Olsonon October 7, 2006
Last time on Desert Punk our idiot savant of a hero, Kanta Mizuno (A.K.A. the Formerly Legendary Desert Punk), he was knee deep in human waste with a side of intrigue and mystery. However, before things get ultra-serious we get a couple episodes where we see the invincible and hardcore Kanta (along with the unstoppably […]

"Desert Punk Vol. 4": He Just Might Be OK, After A Shower

by Karl Olsonon October 7, 2006
If weren’t for no luck, the legendary Desert Punk, A.K.A. Kanta Mizuno, wouldn’t have any luck at all. I’m almost shocked he ever had a rep to ruin the first place, though when he isn’t completely getting out-witted by the well-endowed (both mentally and physically if you know what I mean), he does manage to […]

“Desert Punk Vol. 3”: 99 Problems And The Girl Is One

by Karl Olsonon October 7, 2006
Last time on Desert Punk, Kanta Mizuno (aka Desert Punk) had just managed to defeat his most supernatural nemesis yet – the evil (and sexy) spirit which haunted the legendary and notorious Inumeiwa (Dog Woman) Rock through the power of his mighty libido (no, really). Things lead off on a bitterer note as who should […]

George Lucas Talks Animated "Clone Wars" TV Series

by Ed Liuon October 6, 2006
Filmmaker George Lucas has announced more details about his new Clone Wars animated series. Lucas confirmed that the new series will be computer-generated, and that it will be a sequel to the 25-episode series on Cartoon Network. The show “could air next year,” but Lucas has not sold it to a network yet. (via Internet […]

Partial List of Films Announced for Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema

by Ed Liuon October 6, 2006
Cartoon Brew’s Jerry Beck has posted a list of the films currently scheduled to run at the Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema on November 16-19 in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario Canada this year. The festival will showcase animation from around the world, including the French Kirikou et les Bêtes Sauvages (Kirikou and the Wild Beasts) and the […]

Rare Seuss Films at NY International Children’s Film Fest Oct 7 – 9

by Ed Liuon October 6, 2006
The New York Intertational Children’s Film Festival will screen a special program of animated films based on the works of Dr. Seuss on October 7-9, 2006. In addition to the classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas TV special, the program will include the traditionally animated Horton Hears a Who, Horton Hatches the Egg, and Gerald […]

"Basilisk Volume 1 Scrolls of Blood": If You Want Blood, You Got it

by Chris Woodon October 6, 2006
The samurai genre is so robust in anime that one wonders why there isn’t a similar demand for animated westerns in the U.S. Perhaps it is just one more indicator of the close bond Japan maintains with history and tradition in the face of rapid technological development. After all cell phones and kimonos is a […]

Pokemon USA Launches "Pokemon Learning League"

by Ed Liuon October 5, 2006
Pokemon USA announced the launch of the Pokemon Learning League, a Web-based program that uses Adobe Flash to deliver a series of lessons on language arts, math, science, and life-skills for kids aged 8-12.

Disney’s Little Mermaid "Most Well-Known Redhead"; Promotes Ocean Awareness

by Ed Liuon October 5, 2006
A study by Omnibus Operations: Ipsos North America has revealed that Disney’s Princess Ariel, the Little Mermaid, is the most well-known redhead, beating out other candidates including Sarah Ferguson, the former Duchess of York, and actresses Julianne Moore and Debra Messing. The same study revealed that “unique” is a trait most commonly associated with redheads, […]

Sony Announces "Transformers: The Movie" DVD Details

by Ed Liuon October 5, 2006
Sony BMG Entertainment has announced details for the Transformers: The Movie 20th anniversary special edition DVD. The DVD will feature a remastered 16×9 enhanced transfer of the movie, a full-screen version of the movie, and a raft of special features including full-length commentary tracks, alternate and deleted footage, all-new featurettes, and more. Read the full […]