VIZ Media on 2005 Results and 2006 Plans

by Ed Liuon February 8, 2006’s ongoing “State of the Union” feature has interviewed Evelyn Dubocq, Director of Public Relations at VIZ Media. Among the topics discussed are the merger of VIZ and ShoPro, the success of Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist, and the company’s plans for 2006.

Warren Buffett: Cartoon Character

by Ed Liuon February 8, 2006
Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and known in financial circles as the “Oracle of Omaha,” will be lending his voice to a cartoon character, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times (free registration required). The movie, entitled The Secret Millionaire’s Club, will be produced by DIC Entertainment Holdings and is intended at […]

"Samurai 7" Vol. 3: The Storm Before The Hurricane

by on February 8, 2006
The last disc of Samurai 7 left off on a cliffhanger. Our band of heroes were facing trouble on all sides. It seemed the nobuseri bandits had allied with the merchants to crush any hopes of peasant rebellion, while the enigmatic cave dwellers the Guardians, or Shikimoribito, could turn on the peasants at any time. […]

"Flushed Away" Aardman Featurette Online

by on February 7, 2006
To celebrate the release of the Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit DVD (and the film’s recent perfect showing at the Annie Awards), DreamWorks has made available online a preview of Flushed Away, the next feature film from Aardman Animation, the studio behind Wallace & Gromit. The featurette is included on the new Curse […]

Newsarama Hosts Exclusive "Ultimate Avengers" Clip

by Ed Liuon February 7, 2006 has posted an exclusive clip from Ultimate Avengers: the Movie, the direct-to-video animated movie coming in two weeks from Marvel Entertainment and Lion’s Gate. The clip is in Windows Media format.

Curious George’s Long Strange Trip from Page to Screen

by Ed Liuon February 7, 2006
A lengthy article in the Los Angeles Times details the long journey Curious George has taken from classic children’s book to the film incarnation coming to multiplex screens on Friday, February 10, 2006. (via Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat weblog)

Andreas Deja Talks Up "Bambi II"

by Ed Liuon February 7, 2006
Veteran animator and animation consultant Andreas Deja has spoken to’s PULSE News about Bambi II, the direct-to-video sequel to Disney’s classic film. Deja speaks about his role in the making of the film and his reactions to seeing the final finished product.

"Macross" Volume 1: Robotech-stasy

by on February 7, 2006
Let’s just get the embarrassing truth out of the way: as big a Robotech fan as I am, I’ve never seen Macross before. Primarily because I’ve been too cheap to shell out for the rather pricey DVD sets, but also for some more dignified reason to be named at a later date. However, new licensee […]

Nick Park and Steve Box Talk "Wallace & Gromit"

by Ed Liuon February 6, 2006
The San Francisco Examiner spoke to Aardman animators Nick Park and Steve Box about their work on Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The brief article goes into the demands of the stop-motion process and what the future has in store for the duo.

Samuel L. Jackson Briefly Talks "Afro Samurai"

by Ed Liuon February 6, 2006
Actor Samuel L. Jackson spoke to Sci Fi Wire briefly about Comic Book Resources Comic Reel column, coming later this year on Spike TV. Jackson stated that his work on the five episodes is complete, and that future episodes will depend on how well the show is received. (via Comic Book Resources Comic Reel column)