Real-World "Mater" Feels Ripples from "Cars"

by Ed Liuon November 13, 2006
The Sun News reports the impact that the movie Cars has had on Doug “Mater” Keever, the person who the rusty tow truck Mater was based on. The article details how Mater the person became Mater the animated tow truck and also notes the single line that Mater the person has in the final film.

Dark Horse Comics Profiled by NY Times

by Ed Liuon November 13, 2006
The New York Times profiles Dark Horse Comics on its 20th anniversary in the comic book business (registration required). The article includes extensive comments by Dark Horse founder and president Mike Richardson and Dark Horse creator Paul Chadwick (Concrete), along with some brief mentions of upcoming projects, including a tie-in comic for the Hellboy Animated […]

"Legion of Superheroes" and "The Batman" Previews at Superhero Report

by Ed Liuon November 13, 2006
The Superhero Report website has posted episode synopses and preview screenshots for upcoming episodes of Legion of Superheroes and The Batman. Potential spoilers are in the articles. (via Comic Book Resources Comics Reel)

Peter Cullen Talks About Being Optimus Prime

by Ed Liuon November 13, 2006
Voice actor Peter Cullen has been interviewed about his role as Optimus Prime by (a combination of the Oklahoman newspaper and the News 9 network). Cullen reveals his influences for the character’s voice, some touching interactions with fans, and the details on his casting call. (via Comic Book Resources Comics Reel)

"Simpsons" Movie Trailer On-line

by Ed Liuon November 13, 2006
The trailer for the Simpsons movie is now available on-line in QuickTime format. The trailer debuted last night on a new episode of the TV show. (via Cartoon Brew weblog)

"Shingu" Aliens Are Here, But Does Anyone Care?

by Dukeon November 12, 2006
I will say this for Shingu: It’s definitely different from all the other alien invasion anime shows out there. Whether that’s a good thing…that’s debatable. The year is 2070. No longer do Japanese school kids wear uniforms to school. Everyone has a laptop which can fold into a tablet barely thicker than a piece of […]

"Emperor’s New School": No School Means Good Episode

by Dukeon November 11, 2006
It’s been so long since I’ve watched a Disney Channel cartoon from start to finish. I stopped watching the Disney Afternoon block when Gargoyles’ second season ended, I could never sit through an entire episode of Kim Possible and virtually nothing else on the channel interests me. Yeah, there is W.i.t.c.h. on Toon Disney, but […]

American Anime Awards Come to New York Comic Con

by Ed Liuon November 10, 2006
The New York Comic Con has announced that the American Anime Awards will be held on Saturday, February 24th at the New Yorker Hotel. The awards will highlight the best anime released in North America as judged by the fans, who will be able to vote for their favorites online starting in January 2007.

Disney Reports $782M Profit for 4Q 2006

by Ed Liuon November 10, 2006
The Walt Disney Company is reporting a net profit of 2 million for the fourth quarter of 2006, driven largely by the success of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and strong showings from ABC and ESPN. This compares to a profit of $379 million for the same period last year. It also reported […]

"Hollywood Reporter" Lays Odds on Animated Oscars

by Ed Liuon November 10, 2006
The Hollywood Reporter has published two separate articles on Academy Award contenders for this year’s Best Animated Feature Film and Best Animated Short Film. (via Amid Amidi on Cartoon Brew, who is quoted in both articles along with Cartoon Brew co-editor Jerry Beck)