Toon Disney Launches Hindi Feed

by Maxie Zeuson August 23, 2005
Toon Disney will launch a Hindi feed on September 1, agencyfaqs reports.

DIC Names Laumen to Post

by Maxie Zeuson August 23, 2005
DIC Entertainment has named Carol Laumen to the post of vice president of retail development, Playthings reports. Laumen will build relationships with retailers and develop support for DIC’s brand properties.

Animated Films and Panels at the New Yorker Festival

by Ed Liuon August 23, 2005
The schedule for this year’s New Yorker festival has been released. It includes two panels about animation (one of which will feature Brad Bird, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone) and a preview screening of Wallace & Gromit — The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The festival is scheduled for the weekend of September 23-25. (via Heidi […]

"RahXephon," "Cromartie" and "Colorful" Coming to G4

by Maxie Zeuson August 23, 2005
RahXephon, Cromartie High School and Colorful will join G4-videogame tv’s Barbed Wire Biscuit bloc of programming later this year, it was announced today. RahXephon will premiere on Friday, September 2, at 12:00am ET/9:00pm PT. Cromartie High School and Colorful will make their G4 debut in December 2005. [Source: ADV Films]

ADV Films Exploits BitTorrent for Advertising

by Ed Liuon August 23, 2005
ADV Films has begun exploiting BitTorrent, a file sharing system renowned for enabling digital piracy, to advertise its films, according to a report in the New York Times (free registration required). After a successful trial advertising Madlax in July, ADV has assembled more extensive promotional packages for Gilgamesh and Goddanar specifically for release on BitTorrent. […]

OIAF Hosts Toon Scriptwriting Workshop

by Maxie Zeuson August 23, 2005
The Ottawa International Animation Festival and Teletoon will present Scriptwriting for Animation Series, a special intensive writing workshop, with Ian James Corlett, the Festival says. This workshop is the first installment of Teletoon’s Masters Program, designed to give professionals an opportunity to share knowledge and information about the animation industry. Scriptwriting for Animation Series is […]

ADV Announces "Aquarian Age" for October

by Maxie Zeuson August 23, 2005
ADV Films will release Aquarian Age: Complete Collection to DVD on October 4, the company said today. The three-disc thin pack release will present the entire series in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles. It will retail for $39.98. In addition, ADV will release Sakura Diaries: Secrets & Lies, You’re Under Arrest: […]

Kunicon Atlanta 2005: Is One Day Enough?

by Chad Boninon August 23, 2005
Rewind back to May 27. Kunicon Atlanta 2005 started that Friday and would continue into Saturday and Sunday. Due to various reasons involving work (yes, I apparently have a real job), birthdays (yes, the 28th was my birthday), rides, and other such inconsequential things, I was only able to go on Friday. I had been […]

"Maya & Miguel" Toys Coming in August

by Maxie Zeuson August 22, 2005
Toy Play will launch a line of toys for kids ages four to eight based on the PBS Kids’ animated series Maya & Miguel, the company says. The collection will include the ¡Eso Es! Maya doll; a collectible set of two-inch characters; Maya with Twinkling Bobbles; and Maya’s Messenger Bag & Doll Carry Case. The […]

"Zatch Bell!" Joins YTV

by Maxie Zeuson August 22, 2005
VIZ Media’s Zatch Bell! will join Canada’s YTV in September, the companies have announced. The series will debut on September 9 at 8:00pm. VIZ also says it plans to roll out an extensive line of consumer products, including a collectible card game, a toy line, and video games based on the property. The company has […]