Tom Jane Talks "Punisher" Sequel

Superhero Hype! reports that Tom Jane has said the sequel to The Punisher will be filming before the end of this year and that he has begun working out for the role.

"Fantastic Four" Gets a Sequel

According to Superhero Hype!, Avi Arad has confirmed that Fantastic Four‘s 56 million dollar weekend guarantees a sequel.

"JoJo's Circus" Teaches Children About Food Allergies

In an upcoming episode of JoJo’s Circus, the series attempts to educate children about food allergies. During the episode, JoJo can’t resist eating just a few of the season’s best Merryberries, even though she knows she is allergic to them. Shortly after eating the Merryberries, JoJo’s nose swells and honks and her skin turns pink […]

Nick Germany Acquires Nelvana Programming

Nick Germany, launching this September, has acquired four shows from Nelvana, World Screen reports. The agreement includes the first 20 episodes of The Backyardigans, episodes 27 to 52 of Braceface, the first 26 episodes of Max & Ruby, and 49 episodes of Care Bears.

Make Your Own Movies for KidsWB

KidsWB is inviting kids to submit their own mini-movies as part of a “Make a Mini Mucha Movie” contest, the network said today. During its Saturday morning broadcast on Saturday, July 16, KidsWB will show viewers how to download Xipster FreeSTyle stop-motion software from the KidsWB website. With that software, kids will be able to […]

"Samurai Gun" Gets August DVD Release

ADV Films will release Samuari Gun: Cocked and Loaded to DVD on August 16, the company said today. The DVD-only release will feature the first four episodes in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles. Extras include production sketches; an original English trailer; special “Fun with Audio” segment; clean opening and closing animation; […]

Disney Online Offers Three New Games

Disney Online has launched three new downloadable pinball games at www.disneygamedownloads.com, the company announced today. The games, themed on The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Pirates of the Caribbean, are available for $9.99 each. [Source: Business Wire]

Devil's Due Opens Up for Submissions

Devil’s Due Publishing has opened its doors to submissions from the general public, with an aim to publish several new comics in 2006. Several restrictions apply, all of which are detailed in DDP’s press release.

Scott McCloud Interviewed by Fresno Bee

The Fresno Bee newspaper has interviewed Scott McCloud (Superman Adventures, Understanding Comics) in comic-book format.

Byron Preiss 1953 - 2005

Writer, editor, and publisher Byron Preiss was killed in an auto accident on July 9, 2005. Preiss was the president of Byron Preiss Visual Publications and ibooks and had a career in publishing that stretched back to the 1970’s. Preiss’ obituary is at The New York Times (free registration required), and comic book legend Jim […]

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