BCI to Bring Filmation "Ghostbusters" to DVD

by Ed Liuon December 10, 2006
BCI Eclipse has announced a 6-DVD set of Ghostbusters, to be released in February 2007. The series is also known as Original Ghostbusters or Filmation’s Ghostbusters, to distinguish it from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon spun off from the hit 1984 live-action movie. This first set will include the first 32 episodes of the show, along […]

Twilight Musuko Wins Otaku Invitational

by Ed Liuon December 10, 2006
The Twilight Musuko team won the Otaku Invitational, a competition for the best fan-produced anime trailer jointly held by Kaneva and Central Park Media. Twilight Musuko won for their trailer for Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie. Details are available in the full press release.

YTV to Air Fantastic Four, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo in January

by Ed Liuon December 10, 2006
Corus Kids Television has announced programming for Canada’s YTV channel starting in January. Animated program highlights include the debut of the new Fantastic Four cartoon on January 5, 2007; the Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo animated movie on January 27; and a series of Strawberry Shortcake specials every Saturday from January to April. Full programming […]

Visually Wired Festival Award Winners Announced

by Ed Liuon December 10, 2006
The Art Institute of Washington announced the winners of this year’s Visually Wired Festival. The Bunnyman Bridge film won the Best in Show award, while Crimson City won Best in Story and Life On The High Seas: Piracy & You won the Best Animation award. A full list of categories and winning films can be […]

"cereal: geek" Magazine to Focus on 80’s Animation

by Ed Liuon December 10, 2006
James Eatock of Busta Toons Productions has announced cereal: geek, a quarterly magazine that will focus on animation from the 1980’s. The magazine will feature interviews, reviews, artwork, and behind-the-scenes material from classic shows from the decade. Interested fans can visit the cereal: geek website at to register for news in preparation of the […]

Film Score Monthly Sells Limited Edition CDs of Tex Avery and "Tom and Jerry" Music

by Ed Liuon December 10, 2006
Film Score Monthly has released a 2-disc CD set of music from Tex Avery and Tom and Jerry cartoons from the 1950’s. The set is a limited edition of 3,000 copies, available through the Film Score Monthly website for $24.95. If the response is good enough to the CDs, Film Score Monthly will consider releasing […]

"The Batman" Should be Retitled "The Joker"

by Dukeon December 10, 2006
After a mediocre at best first season, The Batman needed to do a lot in order to convert the fanbase and convince them to stick around. Luckily, the second season manages to do that pretty well. Crime is again king in Gotham City, and the city’s greatest weapon is The Batman. Eligible millionaire bachelor Bruce […]


by Ed Liuon December 9, 2006
CLASSIC ANIMATED CARTOON SERIES TO DEBUT ON DVD FROM NAVARRE CORPORATION’S BCI “GHOSTBUSTERS” Volume One 6 DVD Set Available February 27th For $39.98 Los Angeles, CA – BCI Eclipse, a Navarre Corporation Company, and leading UK media company and underlying rights owner, Entertainment Rights Plc (“ER”) are proud to announce the release of Filmation’s animated […]

Press Release: Tezuka’s "Apollo’s Song" Coming from Vertical in June 2007

by Ed Liuon December 9, 2006
December 8, 2006 (New York) – New York-based independent publisher Vertical, Inc. has announced it is publishing its third Osamu Tezuka property in June 2007. Apollo’s Song will be published as a single-volume graphic novel at approximately 500 pages in length and will follow the same design format as the award-winning classic Buddha, and the […]

Press Release: Announcing the Otaku Invitational’s Winning Team

by Ed Liuon December 9, 2006
Announcing the Otaku Invitational’s Winning Team New York, NY ─ December 8, 2006 ─ The trailers have been submitted, the voting has ended and the anime community has spoken. The winning team of Kaneva and Central Park Media’s Otaku Invitational is Twilight Musuko with their trailer for Revolutionary Girl Utena, The Movie. Held on Kaneva’s […]