Warner Bros. Partners With Cogeco Cable

by Zeddon October 21, 2005
Cogeco Cable (Canada) has signed an agreement with Warner Bros. International Television Distribution (WBITD) to offer new titles and old classics from the Warner Bros. library. WBITD distributes Warner Bros. Pictures’ feature films, many of which will now be available to Cogeco Cable customers on a VOD basis. WBITD will provide Cogeco Cable with box […]

"Squidbillies" When Will Adult Swim Be Funny Again?

by Dukeon October 20, 2005
I remember a long, long time ago when Adult Swim originals were actually funny. Space Ghost was making fun of William Shatner, Dr. Weird was sicking his freakish creations on the Aqua Teens and Carl’s pool, Brak put on a musical to save Señor Science, Captain Murphy was running a pirate radio station, and Harvey […]

"Squidbillies" Gots Potential, But Hick Squids Ain't Too Funny Yet

by Benon October 20, 2005
After a few false starts The Squidbillies is finally coming to Cartoon Network. For real. And this really is a show about a paroled ex-con squid named Early, his unattractive mother or wife (it’s not really clear) and his illegitimate son who all live together in northern Georgia. That may sound stupid, and it is. […]

Cartoon Network Resurrects "Yu Yu Hakusho"

by William C. Mauneon October 19, 2005
. The season premiere of Yu Yu Hakusho will air Saturday, October 22, at 5:30am on Cartoon Network.

Nicktoons Network to Preview "Skyland" November 25

by Zeddon October 19, 2005
Nicktoons Network will join France 2, Teletoon (Canada), and ABC (Australia) in a first-ever global sneak-peek of the new series Skyland. All networks will preview the series with either the hour-long pilot or a 75-second clip in November. Nicktoons Network (U.S.) will sneak-peek the hour-long pilot of the series Friday, November 25, at 8:00pm (ET), […]

Ron Perlman Set to Voice Conan: Red Nails; Additional Casting News

by screw on headon October 19, 2005
Ron Perlman has signed on to voice Conan the Barbarian in the character’s first animated film, Conan: Red Nails, Superhero Hype! reports, citing The Hollywood Reporter. Also to join the cast are Marg Helgenberger (CSI) and James Marsden (X-Men films, Superman Returns), alongside Clancy Brown, Cree Summer, and Mark Hamill (Star Wars).

Animated Selections for Variety's "Top 100" Icons: Mickey, H&B

by Ed Liuon October 19, 2005
In conjunction with their 100th anniversary, Variety magazine has released their list of the top 100 entertainment icons of the past century. Mickey Mouse joins figures like Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, the Beatles, and Elvis Presley in the top 10. The full list of animation icons includes Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, the Flintstones, Snoopy, and […]

NY Times Talks to "South Park" Creators on Season 9

by Ed Liuon October 19, 2005
On the eve of the second half of their ninth season, the New York Times has spoken to South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone about the current and future plans for the show (registration required). The duo talk about their six-day production schedule, how they develop their shows, and the vague plans they […]

"The Legend of Zelda": 80s Camp Resurrected on DVD

by Bird Boyon October 19, 2005
Premiering and ending in the fall of 1989, The Legend of Zelda consisted of only thirteen episodes and aired during The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. The complete The Legend of Zelda series hits DVD October 18th, with a few special features to back up the collection. Well excuuuse me, PrincessIf you’ve been around Zelda […]

"Zixx Level Two": Nerds of a Feather Watch "Zixx" Together!

by Chad Boninon October 19, 2005
If you’re just joining us, Zixx is a Canadian show mixing live-action and CG by Mainframe. Zixx Phunkee Zee and partner Flanngo, alien operatives, have been defending a computer world known as The Keep from other aliens alongside Meghan and Riley, two kids from suburbia. This episode finally satisfies my hunger for some major happening: […]