PR: Disney Channel Orders Second Season of "Handy Manny"

by Zeddon January 25, 2007
Disney Channel: DISNEY CHANNEL ORDERS SECOND SEASON OF HIT MULTICULTURAL PLAYHOUSE DISNEY SERIES “HANDY MANNY” BURBANK and PASADENA, January 10, 2007. . . Disney Channel has ordered a second season of its hit Playhouse Disney animated series “Handy Manny.” The announcement was made today at the Television Critics Association press tour by Gary Marsh, President, […]

"Krypto," "Gerald" Coming to Boomerang

by Maxie Zeuson January 25, 2007
Gerald McBoing Boing and Krypto the Superdog will begin airing on Cartoon Network’s Boomerang channel on Monday, February 5, at 6:00pm and 7:00pm respectively, the Associated Press reports. The network will offer 39 episodes of Krypto but only 18 of Gerald McBoing Boing.

Miller Mulling "Happy Feet" Sequel

by Maxie Zeuson January 25, 2007
Director George Miller is mulling a sequel to Happy Feet, The Age reports. The director says that Happy Feet 2 is a possibility, but adds that he would like to make a fourth Mad Max movie before embarking on a sequel to the penguin picture.

"Garfield" Director May Helm "Chipmunks" Picture

by Maxie Zeuson January 25, 2007
Twentieth Century Fox is negotiating with Tim Hill, who directed Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties, to helm a feature film based on Alvin and the Chipmunks, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film would resemble the Garfield features, in that the chipmunks of the title would be computer-animated while an actor would play the […]

FCC Restricts Website Advertising in Kid Shows

by Maxie Zeuson January 25, 2007
Shows geared to children under the age of 12 may not display addresses for Web sites that contain any links to commercial content, the Federal Communications Commission has recently ruled. Under the 1990 Children’s Television Act, an hour of children’s programming can contain no more than 12 minutes of advertising. The newly announced rules were […]

"Horrid Henry" Coming to DVD

by Maxie Zeuson January 25, 2007
Horrid Henry will come to DVD via Abbey Home Entertainment, C21 Media reports. The series will be released in the late spring of 2007.

Kevin Munroe on Mako in "TMNT"

by Ed Liuon January 25, 2007
A brief article on Sci Fi Wire notes the last role of the actor Mako in the upcoming TMNT movie. Mako, who provided the voices of Aku in Samurai Jack and Uncle Iroh in Avatar the Last Airbender, passed away last July, but recorded enough material to be used in the final cut of TMNT, […]

FUNimation Announces Shuffle!, Tsubasa, and My Santa

by Classic Speedyon January 25, 2007
Two previously known FUNimation licenses (due to a leak) were formally announced today: Shuffle!, a 24 episode romance series from 2005 based on a Navel computer game; and My Santa, a two part comedy/romance OAV from 2005 about a female version of Santa Claus. Shuffle! is scheduled for a summer release, while My Santa will […]

Debra Kennedy, VP of Marketing and Licensing, on FUNimation Channel Year One

by Ed Liuon January 25, 2007
The latest Animated Shorts column interviews Debra Kennedy, VP of Marketing and Licensing at FUNimation, about the first year of the FUNimation Channel. Among the topics discussed are the growth of the network over multiple distribution channels, the network’s plans for high-definition broadcasting, and the relationship between FUNimation and the FUNimation Channel. Other topics in […]

Phil Morris Voices King Faraday in "DC: The New Frontier" DTV

by Ed Liuon January 25, 2007
In an interview at Kryptonsite, a Smallville news and fan website, Lucy Lawless is providing the voice for Wonder Woman in the direct-to-video animated movie based on DC: The New Frontier. Morris states that, “I’m playing King opposite [the Martian Manhunter] in the cartoon,” which probably casts him as King Faraday, a DC Comics character […]