ABC Family Jetix Ends September 1 (Now August 31)

by Zeddon August 12, 2006
Toon Zone News has confirmed with Disney ABC Television Group that the final day of Jetix on ABC Family will be Friday, September 1, 2006. Beginning Saturday, September 2, Toon Disney will be the exclusive home of Jetix in the United States. Updated 8/12: Toon Zone News has now learned that the final day of […]

"Transformers: The Movie" Coming to DVD (Updated 8/12)

by Dan Collinson August 12, 2006
The Transformers fan site reports that Sony BMG Music Entertainment will release the 20th Anniversary Edition of Transformers: The Movie in November. This is the first time Sony is working on a Sunbow title since they got the rights from Rhino a couple of years ago. The 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD includes never-before-seen […]

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 4 DVD Specs Announced

by Ed Liuon August 11, 2006
The specifications for the 4-disc Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 4 and the 2-disc Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection Vol. 4 have been released by Warner Home Video. No information on special features or extras was announced as of publication time. (via Cartoon Brew)

Expect More "DuckTales" and "Rescue Rangers" On DVD (updated 8/11)

by Dan Collinson August 11, 2006 reports that Disney will release DuckTales Volume 2 & Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Volume 2 sometime around November. Stay tuned for further announcements. Updated 8/11: revealed both the covers for Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Vol. 2 and Ducktales Vol. 2. Both DVDs contain the five part pilot episode for each show […]

"The Gummi Bears" Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson August 11, 2006 reports that Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Vol. 1 is coming to DVD on a 3-disc set. The show is about a group of bears who use magic and technology and coexisted with humans, until a rivalry forced the Gummis to leave, and a small group stayed. Generations later, a young boy named […]

Marvel Announces "Teen Avengers" Direct-to-DVD In Development

by Ed Liuon August 11, 2006
During their second quarter financial results conference call, Marvel Entertainment announced that an animated direct-to-DVD feature titled Teen Avengers was in development. No other information on the title was provided, such as whether it is based on the Young Avengers comic book title by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung. The same call also revealed that […]

Taking a Dim View of "A Scanner Darkly"

by Ed Liuon August 11, 2006
There are few science fiction writers who have had as large of an impact on pop culture as Philip K. Dick. Underappreciated in his own time, Dick’s prolific imagination rooted itself in the belief that objective reality did not truly exist – a perception exacerbated by a powerful sense of paranoia and a long stretch […]

Making "Foster’s" Part 2; "Foster’s" on iTunes

by Ed Liuon August 11, 2006
The second of a series on producing an episode of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends has been posted on the series’ production weblog. This installment deals with story outlines and dealing with Cartoon Network and the dreaded Broadcast Standards and Practices (BS & P) department. A second post on the weblog notes that the first […]

UPDATED: "Variety" and "Financial Times" on CGI Cartoon Glut

by Ed Liuon August 11, 2006
An article on discusses Jerry Beck’s Cartoon Brew, most of which have had lower-than-expected box-office returns. The article begins with the industry assumption that CGI animation was a sure-fire formula for box-office success, which was partially responsible for the current increase of CGI animated films, and goes on to analyze current and upcoming CGI […]

Viz Announces New Fall Titles

by SB20xxon August 11, 2006
On September 19th, the first two volumes of Pokemon Advanced Battle will be released at $14.98, followed by the next two volumes on October 17th. In addition, the first season of Pokemon, priced at $39.98, is set for a November 21st release. For the non-Pokemon fans, get ready for the anticipated first volume of Bleach […]