"Cars," "Happy Feet" Win Golden Globes

by Ed Liuon January 16, 2007
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has awarded the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film to Disney/Pixar’s Cars, and the Golden Globe for Best Original Song to “The Song of the Heart” from Warner Brothers’ Happy Feet. A full list of the Golden Globe award winners is available at the HFPA website.

"Gankutsuou" Honors Dumas Masterpiece

by Jameson January 16, 2007
Animation and literary classics are not regular bedfellows. Occasionally they’ve slipped between the sheets, so to speak: many cartoons are taken from classic literature. But there are few of which you can honestly say that they’ve reinvented a classic. Most successful animated versions of classic novels have—in this man’s humble opinion—added something unique to the […]

"Time Warp Trio": Where’s Mr. Peabody When You Need Him?

by Dukeon January 15, 2007
With all of these violent cartoons on the air today (such as Avatar, Kim Possible, and Naruto), not to mention other shows that are apparently using subliminal messages to teach kids naughty stuff, it’s hard to find a show for young children that’s safe and innocent in every single way. Enter Discovery Kids’ Time Warp […]

"Japanese Classic Anime Collection" Coming in April from Digital Meme

by Ed Liuon January 15, 2007
Digital Meme has announced the Japanese Classic Anime Collection, a four-disc DVD set of anime made between 1928 and 1936. The classic anime will be restored and remastered, with nothing added except for integrated music on some of the silent anime titles. The estimated price for the set is approximately $110, and the release is […]

J. Torres Confirms "Legion of Super-Heroes" Tie-in Comic

by Ed Liuon January 15, 2007
Advance solicitations for DC Comics in April will reveal that a tie-in comic to the Legion of Super-Heroes TV show will debut on April 18. The comic will be written by J. Torres (Teen Titans Go!) with art by Chynna Clugston-Flores (Blue Monday, Queen Bee). Torres was interviewed by about how the comic came […]

Rozen Maiden Licensed By Geneon Entertainment

by Classic Speedyon January 13, 2007
After a guessing game contest from Geneon last week, it has been officially announced that they have the rights to Rozen Maiden, a 2004 anime series. The first volume will be released in spring 2007 and will contain four episodes. [Source: Anime News Network]

"Kim Possible" Season 4 Debuts on February 10, 2007 (UPDATED)

by Ed Liuon January 12, 2007
According to the most recent Disney Channel schedule information, the fourth season of Disney’s Kim Possible will debut on February 10, 2007, with a four-episode marathon starting at 8:00 PM (Eastern). Several new season 4 episodes will also air throughout the month. Production on the show ended in early 2005 after a 3-season, 65-episode run, […]

Claymation Creator Will Vinton’s Graphic Novel Debut

by Ed Liuon January 12, 2007
Dark Horse Comics has issued a press release about Jack Hightower, a new original graphic novel written by Will Vinton, the Oscar-winning animator and creator of “claymation.” Jack Hightower will center on a secret agent attempting to save the world while shrunk down to action figure size. The book goes on sale on January 17, […]

"Black Jack" and "Detonator Orgun" Get Re-release and New Prices

by Ed Liuon January 12, 2007
Central Park Media has issued a press release announcing re-priced re-releases of Detonator Orgun and the Black Jack Collection 2 DVD set. Detonator Orgun will be repriced at $9.95 and centers on a young high school student whose telepathic powers are the only hope against an invading alien fleet. The four-disc Black Jack set continues […]

Corus Announces Romantic Toons for Valentine’s Day in Canada

by Ed Liuon January 12, 2007
Corus Kids Television has issued a press release detailing their programming for the month of February, with Valentine’s Day cartoons receiving special attention. Highlights include Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, Edgar & Ellen: Crushed, and The Fairly Oddparents: Fairy Idol. Read the full press release here.