Toon Zone Podcast Episode 3

by Benon November 27, 2005
These are the people in your neighborhood: Ben Applegate, chief editor Karl Olson, staff reviewer and podcast producer Matthew Williams, graphics editor Ian Lueck, a.k.a. Speedy Boris, staff reviewer Javier Vera, a.k.a. Javeman, staff reviewer Jibber-jabbering about: Disney TV Animation dissolves From Hanna-Barbera to Cartoon Network Studios Nicktoons returns? Plus an exclusive interview with Avi […]

Monster Distributes Finalizes Several Animation Deals

by Zeddon November 26, 2005
Dublin’s Monster Distributes has closed several animation deals following Mipcom. C21Media has details.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2005: Is it a Fullmetal Fantasy, or a Naruto Nightmare?

by Chad Boninon November 26, 2005
“Spandex is a privilege, not a right.” With those words in the back of my mind, a belief brought about by some sights that are still burned into my retinas from Anime Weekend Atlanta 2004 and Kunicon 2005, I walked into the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta. After my first time at a convention for […]

"Gundam SEED" Movie II: Stop Wasting Perfectly Good Opportunities, Gundam!

by Dukeon November 25, 2005
I am such a slave to the name Gundam. Dozens of Gundam models, DVDs and soundtracks surround me, and I even paid cash for G-Savior. Had it been any other series, I would’ve stopped watching after the first, awful Gundam SEED special. But I had to get my fix. This one was terrible too. But […]

Pat Morita Dead at 73

by La Parkaon November 25, 2005
According to several sources, Actor Noriyuki “Pat” Morita has died of natural causes. Many fans remember him as the wise old karate teacher, Mr. Miyagi, from the Karate Kid franchise and as Arnold from Happy Days. He did do work in the animation industry as The Emperor in Mulan, and he recently played himself in […]

"King of the Hill - The Complete 6th Season" General Timeframe Announced

by Zeddon November 25, 2005
A card included in the recently released King of the Hill – The Complete 5th Season boxset indicates that King of the Hill – The Complete 6th Season will street sometime in Spring 2006. TVShowsOnDVD has a scanned image of the card.

Cartoon Network Passes on 'Teen Titans' Season Six

by Stuon November 24, 2005
According to various sources, including here and, Cartoon Network has passed on a sixth season for Teen Titans. No specific reason for the cancellation of the animated show was given. A petition has been started to try and save the series. Click here to learn more.

"Quack Pack" & "Goof Troop" Come to DVD

by Zeddon November 24, 2005
Both Quack Pack and Goof Troop are coming to DVD on February 14, 2006, each for $14.99 SRP. Cover art is available for both releases at (hat tip: “mathew”)

Rai 3 Forges "Metalheads" Deal

by Zeddon November 24, 2005
Italy’s Rai 3 has acquired international toon Metalheads, the co-production between TV-Loonland subsidiary Telemagination, ZDF and CBBC, C21Media reports. Rai 3 will broadcast the series on its kids slot Melevisione on free-TV and on pay-TV channel Raisat.

"Bratz" Spin-off Continues

by Zeddon November 24, 2005
The international distribution arm of MGA Entertainment — the U.S. company behind the fashion doll line Bratz — is continuing to line up a stable of international broadcasters for the Bratz‘s CGI-animated spin-off. C21Media has details.