Sid Raymond, "Baby Huey:" c.1909 – 2006

by Ed Liuon December 4, 2006
Actor Sid Raymond has passed away at the age of 97, according to a post in writer Mark Evanier’s weblog. Raymond appeared in many roles on stage, film, and television, but may be best known to animation fans as the voice of Katnip the Cat (from the “Herman and Katnip” cartoons) and of Baby Huey, […]

Dancing Penguins Continue to Beat James Bond

by Ed Liuon December 4, 2006
Warner Brothers’ Happy Feet continued its domination of the United States box office, claiming the top spot in ticket sales for the third week in a row with an estimated gross of $17 million, according to the Los Angeles Times (free registration required). It was also the third time the film came in ahead of […]

Disney Animation Resurrects Cartoon Shorts, Cuts Staff

by Ed Liuon December 4, 2006
The New York Times is reporting that the Walt Disney Studios has several animated short films in production now (registration required), intending to release them along with new feature films as a bonus. The new shorts will be used to train animation talent and spot potential new directors for animated feature films, and will be […]

"Paniponi Dash!": SD Azumanga Daioh Meets Excel Saga

by SB20xxon December 4, 2006
Paniponi Dash! is one of those shows that pretty much requires multiple viewings to fully appreciate. I can guarantee that you won’t be able to catch every joke on initial viewing, especially when so many of them deal with extremely obscure Japanese references that fly by at lightning fast rates. Not only that, but much […]

Are You Pondering the DVD I’m Pondering? "Pinky and the Brain" Vol. 2 on DVD

by on December 3, 2006
Pinky and the Brain return for another full volume of twenty-two episodes, spanning four discs and it does not disappoint! Like its companion, Animaniacs, the first volume of this set sold at an extraordinary pace both in-stores and online. Those who scored the set on the first day eagerly dug into the set and with […]

"Animaniacs" Vol. 2 on DVD: Wakkorotti and WHV Belch Out Another Great Set

by on December 3, 2006
Not only did the first Animaniacs volume come out to extreme praise (by me, at least), but it was also one of the fastest selling animation DVD sets that Warner Home Video ever put out. With well over half of the product sold in the first week alone, both of the first volumes of Animaniacs […]

"King of Fighters Another Day": Maximum Action, Minimum Plot

by SB20xxon December 2, 2006
King of Fighters: Another Day is an original net animation (or ONA) that Production I.G. made to coincide with the release of King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 (known as King of Fighters 2006 in the U.S.) While it’s not getting an official U.S. release, many R1 copies are being shipped with King of Fighters […]

Jackson Publick Reveals Early Details On New "Venture Bros." DVDs

by Grant Whiteon December 1, 2006
As reported by Heidi MacDonald’s ‘The Beat,’ Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick has revealed details on the show’s second season DVD set via his LiveJournal. The set, currently scheduled for release on April 17, 2007, will contain commentaries and deleted scenes along with other extras.

GameTap’s New "Sam & Max" Promotional Animated Shorts

by Ed Liuon December 1, 2006
A press release from GameTap and Telltale Games announces new weekly animated shorts based on Steve Purcell’s Sam & Max: Freelance Police, to promote new episodes of the Sam & Max video game. The shorts will be done using machinima, using the game’s own engine to produce a short film, and will be posted every […]

"Pucca": Is Santa Truly a Hidden Leaf?

by on December 1, 2006
A few months ago, Jetix, Disney’s brand for anything action, brought over a series based around one of Korea’s greatest pop icons: Pucca. Well, Pucca has been doing pretty well so far, and it all culminates in Pucca‘s Christmas Special. The first episode in this trio is entitled “Tis the Season for Revenge.” In this […]