"Case Closed – Case 1, Vol. 3": Ill-Fated Relationships Everywhere

by on September 24, 2006
Ah, Case Closed. The overly complicated mysteries, the not-so-villainous villains and the fact that somebody dies wherever Conan goes just make me love you so much. It’s just another normal day for Conan Edogawa, who’s wasting time at school for some reason with George Mitch, and Amy, when another kid asks the group to find […]

Anime Weekend Atlanta: Complete On-Site Coverage (Updated)

by on September 23, 2006
Anime Weekend Atlanta is currently taking place and Toon Zone’s Chad Lee is on the scene. Stay tuned for continuing coverage live from the Con all weekend long. Links to all of Toon Zone’s coverage so far can be found here: AWA: ADV Films Announces Four New Licenses, Paid Download Service AWA: Cartoon Network Video […]

AWA: Cartoon Network Video Announced, New Look for Toonami?

by on September 23, 2006
During their panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta today, Cartoon Network announced (aka Cartoon Network Video). The new online streaming video service works the same way as Toonami Jetstream. However, instead of featuring Toonami programming, this service streams original Cartoon Network productions. Included are premieres, episodes of current Cartoon Network originals, older original series such […]

AWA: ADV Films Announces Four New Licenses, Paid Download Service (Updated)

by on September 23, 2006
ADV Films today announced 4 new licenses at Anime Weekend Atlanta: – Season 3 and Season 4 of UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie – the Moeyo Ken TV series – The Coyote Ragtime Show ADV also announced the opening of their new ADV Universe download store, offering English-language episodes of ADV titles for purchase at the price […]

"Kodocha Vol. 6": More Real Than a Reality Show

by on September 23, 2006
While we are only about a quarter of the way through the series, Kodocha seems like it has thrown every conceivable hurdle at Sana, Akito and Co., yet they all bounce back and become stronger in the end. Now that the matter of Sana’s mother has been effectively settled, its time for her to get […]

AWA: Funimation Announces "Peach Girl"

by on September 23, 2006
This morning at Anime Weekend Atlanta, Funimation announced the acquisition of anime series Peach Girl. The anime series is based off of the long running manga. [On-Site Reporting by Chad Lee] Toon Zone’s coverage live from Anime Weekend Atlanta will continue throughout the weekend.

Animated "Spaceballs" Coming to G4

by Dan Collinson September 22, 2006
Does anybody remember Spaceballs, the Star Wars spoof directed by Mel Brooks? E!Online reports that Brooks is bringing his 1987 film as an animated series on the G4 network in the fall of 2007. The toon chronicles the further exploits of Lonestar, Barf, Princess Vespa, and Dot Matrix as they save what’s left of the […]

Parents Television Council Challenges "VeggieTales" Edits

by Ed Liuon September 22, 2006
A report in the Los Angeles Times states that L. Brent Bozell’s Parents Television Council has challenged NBC over several cuts to the VeggieTales animated series which seemed to edit out references to God (free registration required). NBC issued a statement claiming that the shows were edited for time constraints, but show creator Phil Vischer […]

Jesse Leon McCann on "Krypto the Super-Dog" Tie-in Comic

by Ed Liuon September 22, 2006
Jesse Leon McCann has spoken to about his work on the tie-in comic book mini-series for the Krypto the Super-Dog TV show. McCann describes the unorthodox way he landed the assignment, his underlying philosophy behind the “all-ages” comic book, and the possibility of a sequel mini-series.

Bill Morrison on His Cancelled "Yellow Submarine" Adaptation

by Ed Liuon September 22, 2006
Artist Bill Morrison has spoken to about the comic-book adaptation for the animated Yellow Submarine movie for Dark Horse Comics which was intended to be released in time for the release of the movie on DVD. Morrison explains how the comic came to be and the chain of events that led to its cancellation. […]