Bandai Announces March Titles and Delays

by on December 29, 2006
March brings a new title, as Bandai announces the first volume of .hack//ROOTS. The title will contain 5 episodes and will be released on March 20, 2007. The regular volume will retail for $24.98, while the Starter Set, which includes a T-shirt, artbox, CD Soundtrack, and a demo of .hack//G.U., will retail for $59.98. Bandai […]

Geneon Announces New March-July Titles + Delays

by SB20xxon December 29, 2006
March brings us Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales – Castle Tower Story, Ergo Proxy (vol. 3, also w/limited edition), and The Law of Ueki (vol. 6). In April, expect the first volume Black Lagoon on 4/10/07. It will contain four episodes and retail at a MSRP of $29.98. Also available in April will be Elemental Gelade […]

Manga Launches New Anime DVD Magazine In The UK

by Grant Whiteon December 28, 2006
Manga UK, in partnership with Hachette Partworks, will be releasing a new 50 part magazine/DVD series entitled Manga Force. Each fortnightly issue will include a DVD of a Manga licensed title, including Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and the Evangelion films.

Cinematical on Cartoon Oscar Lobbying

by Ed Liuon December 28, 2006
The Cinematical weblog is reporting on Hollywood studio efforts to lobby for the 2006 Best Animated Film Academy Award. Writer Jennifer DeFilippo notes that the increased number of releases and the continued success of Happy Feet over Casino Royale at the box office has led to studio lobbying comparable to live-action Oscar efforts. (via Heidi […]

NY Times on Savion Glover’s Lack of Credit for "Happy Feet"

by Ed Liuon December 28, 2006
The New York Times discusses tap-dancer Savion Glover’s role in the hit CGI-animated film Happy Feet, and the lack of recognition of his part (registration required). Glover is a famed Broadway tap-dancer and Sesame Street alumnus who was motion-captured to provide the dancing for Mumble, the lead penguin of the movie, but is largely unrecognized […]

Guy Michelmore on Making Marvelous Scores for "Ultimate Avengers" and "Iron Man"

by Ed Liuon December 28, 2006 has posted an interview with composer Guy Michelmore about writing the scores to the Ultimate Avengers and Invincible Iron Man direct-to-video animated movies. The interview also links to 4 free MP3 files of Michelmore’s music, yielding one song each from Ultimate Avengers, Ultimate Avengers 2, The Invincible Iron Man, and Dr. Strange.

"Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki": His "Final Confrontation"? Dad and Weak Extras

by on December 23, 2006
Tenchi’s been through a lot recently. Meeting a would-be wife, overdoing it in the fields, and facing the destruction of the Earth: these will take their toll on the man. Yet, the hardest blow to take is emotional, and when Tenchi finds out the truth about his mother’s death, it may be the last straw. […]

Osamu Tezuka Manga Exhibition Coming to US in 2007

by on December 23, 2006
“Tezuka the Marvel of Manga,” a traveling exhibition of the work of manga giant Osamu Tezuka currently being hosted by the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, will move on to the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco in June 2007, after a tour stop at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia. […]

NTV Announces ‘Claymore’ anime

by on December 23, 2006
Nippon Television networks has announced a TV anime based on the current Monthly Shonen JUMP manga “Claymore” and set to air beginning in April of 2007. The popular fantasy epic “Claymore” first appeared in the pages of Shonen JUMP in July of 2001. The series chronicles the struggle of Claire, who is part of a […]

Sci-Fi Manga ‘Moonlight Mile’ to Receive Anime Adaptation

by on December 23, 2006
Yasuo Ootagaki’s manga “Moonlight Mile,” published by Shogakukan, is set to become a TV anime series with broadcast beginning in March of 2007 on the Japanese satellite station WOWOW. Set in the near future, “Moonlight Mile” follows the adventures of astronauts and skillfully combines a realistic look at space exploration with an almost childlike sense […]