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"8 Ball Bunny" on "March of Penguins" DVD

by Zeddon December 24, 2005
Warner Home Video is including the 1950s animated short 8 Ball Bunny on the March Of The Penguins documentary DVD, AWN reports. The short features Bugs Bunny as he helps a penguin go home via New Orleans, Martinique, the Panama Canal, and the South Pole. However, the kicker is that the penguin’s home is actually […]

4Kids Won't Renew "Pokémon" License

by Zeddon December 24, 2005
4Kids Entertainment, Inc. and Pokemon USA, Inc. have agreed not to renew the Pokémon representation agreement set to expire on December 31, 2005. Beginning in 2006, Pokemon USA, Inc.’s in-house licensing group will handle all Pokémon licensing outside of Asia. Under the terms of the expiring Pokemon USA, Inc./4Kids representation agreement, 4Kids will continue to […]

Comics Previews for December 23, 2005: "She-Hulk" #3, "Retro Rocket," "Batman Annual"

by Ed Liuon December 23, 2005
The following comic book previews are available on the web: AVAILABLE NOW – has updated its previews for comics released on December 21, including Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 and X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2. AVAILABLE NEXT WEEK – has previews of Marvel and DC Comics coming on December 28, including She-Hulk 2 #3 by […]

"Garbage Pail Kids" Comes to DVD

by Zeddon December 23, 2005
Topps’ 1985 animated series Garbage Pail Kids is coming to DVD on April 4, 2006, TVShowsOnDVD reports. The 13-episode series will be released in a 2-disc set which will retail for $27.95 SRP. (hat tip: Dan Collins)

Teletoon February Highlights

by Zeddon December 23, 2005
Canadian Network Teletoon has announced the following highlights for the month of February: The King and I – A CINETOON Premiere – Saturday, February 11, 5:00pm 6TEEN – New episode: “The Lords of Mall Town” – Sunday, February 12, 6:00pm Carl2 – New episode: “C2 Loves Lorna” – Sunday, February 12, 6:30pm On Tuesday, February […]

Banned "Family Guy" Episode Comes to Teletoon

by Zeddon December 23, 2005
The controversial and previously banned episode of Family Guy entitled “When You Wish Upon a Weinstein” is coming to Teletoon on Friday, December 23, at 9:00pm. It will re-air that same night, technically Saturday morning, at 12:30am. The episode is also scheduled to air a second night: Monday, December 26, at 9:00pm, with a repeat […]

"Patlabor: The Mobile Police" Comes to iPods

by Zeddon December 23, 2005
Central Park Medoa has uploaded the entire first episode of Patlabor: The Mobile Police OAV series to for viewing on iPods. [Source: Central Park Media]

"Ghostbusters" DVD Artwork Revealed

by Zeddon December 23, 2005
TVShowsOnDVD has artwork for the previously announced DVD release of The Real Ghostbusters.

"Jongno 7" Gets Italian Licensing Agent

by Zeddon December 23, 2005
Korean digital content company Character Korea has secured an Italian licensing agent for its new animated kids property Jongno 7, C21Media reports. Character Korea is currently producing a 3D animated Jongno 7 series, as well as 100 one-minute, 3D, made-for-mobile shorts. Both are due for completion in May 2006.

EM Signs Domestic Home Entertainment Deals

by Zeddon December 23, 2005
German media company EM.Entertainment has further expanded its home entertainment activities with long-term contracts with Munich-based Universum Film and Hamburg-based Warner Bros. Entertainment, C21Media reports. The Universum DVD and video deal encompasses a range of children and youth titles from the EM.Entertainment library, including one animated Pippi Longstocking feature and four animated Heidi feature films, […]