"Flushed Away" Floats Atop DVD Seller Charts

by Maxie Zeuson March 9, 2007
Flushed Away continued to hold the top spot among DVD sellers one week after its sales debut, according to Video Business Online. Cinderalla: A Twist in Time fell to tenth place, and Open Season slipped to eleventh. Cars held steady at number 16. New releases this week were unimpressive, with Land Before Time XII: The […]

"Kodocha" Vol. 11: The Seventy-Seven Pitfalls of a Writer

by MCSarahon March 9, 2007
Sana Kurada is not your typical sixth grader. She is busier than any adult, managing school and a blossoming acting career, and in this volume she takes a stab at becoming a published writer. All of this, and her family just went bankrupt! But, despite all of her hardships, Sana remains a pillar of goofy […]

Geena Davis Pushes Entertainment Gender Equality with "See Jane" Organization

by Ed Liuon March 8, 2007
Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis spoke at the National Conference for Media Reform about her new organization “See Jane,” dedicated to increase female cast members and reduce gender stereotyping in media aimed at children. The Democracy Now! website has posted a transcript and streaming video of her address, where she takes many classic cartoons to task […]

Joe D’Ambrosia and Tom Teves on "Blood+"

by Ed Liuon March 8, 2007’s Animated Shorts has posted a brief interview with Joe D’Ambrosia and Tom Teves, the US story editors for Blood+. The pair discuss how the new series differs from the prequel movie Blood, the Last Vampire and who the supporting cast will be in the series. Other news in the column includes an appearance by […]

Matt Groening Interviewed by "The Wave" on "Simpsons" on Big- and Small-Screen

by Ed Liuon March 8, 2007
The Wave magazine has interviewed Matt Groening about The Simpsons, both the weekly TV show and the big-screen movie coming this summer. Groening tackles questions on whether the show’s best days are behind it and how the crew avoided making the movie “three episodes strung together.” (via Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat)

Scott Lobdell on Scripting "Stan Lee’s Mosaic"

by Ed Liuon March 8, 2007 has spoken to writer Scott Lobdell about scripting Stan Lee Presents Mosaic, the latest superhero creation from the legendary comics icon. Lobdell discusses how he got the job to script the direct-to-video animated feature, the changes that were made to his script, and where the series could go from here. He also briefly mentions […]

"Meet the Robinsons" in Disney Digital 3D

by Dukeon March 8, 2007
Disney announced today that it will be showing a special Disney Digital 3D version of its newest film Meet the Robinsons at Hollywood’s legendary El Capitan Theater from March 30th to May 20th. As a special bonus, Disney will also show a special 3D short based on a 1953 Donald Duck short with Chip & […]

PR: 3D Rocks at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre with “Meet the Robinsons” in Disney 3D

by Dukeon March 8, 2007
3D Rocks at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre with “Meet the Robinsons” in Disney Digital 3-D™ During Its Special Engagement of Disney’s Latest Animated Film from March 30th — May 20th; Exclusive Animation Exhibit Adds to the Fun! LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hollywood’s legendary movie palace, The El Capitan Theatre, invites moviegoers to “Meet the Robinsons” in spectacular […]

Young "Leonardo" Series Coming in 2008

by Maxie Zeuson March 8, 2007
A young Leonardo da Vinci will share the screen with a rapping robot and a talking horse in a new animated program from Italy’s Gruppo Alcuni, c21 Media reports. The series, which is developed with the support of the EU’s MEDIA Programme, will have the young genius trying to thwart his rival Gottardo for the […]

"Sea Princesses" Swim to Germany

by Maxie Zeuson March 8, 2007
The Sea Princesses has found a safe German harbor on ARD and KiKa, c21 Media reports. The Australian animated series is based on a book series by Brazil’s Fabio Yabu.