"Le Chevalier," "Paniponi Dash" Get April Release Dates

by Maxie Zeuson February 23, 2007
ADV Films will release Le Chevalier D’Eon Volume 2 and Paniponi Dash! Volume 3 to DVD on April 17, the company said yesterday. Le Chevalier D’Eon: Agent Provocateur, a fictionalization of the life of Charles D’Eon de Beaumont, will be an anamorphic DVD-only release that presents episodes five through eight in both English 5.1 and […]

Press Release: ADV Announces April 17 Releases

by Maxie Zeuson February 23, 2007
HOUSTON, March 22, 2007 —ADV Films, the number one producer-distributor of anime outside of Japan, is pleased to bring you the continuation of two titles, including the second volume of Le Chevalier D’Eon, and the third volume of the crazy comedy Paniponi Dash! Both titles are slated to arrive on stores shelves on April 17. […]

Brian Ward Shouts Up Captain N on DVD

by JohnCrichtonon February 23, 2007
In 1989, Nintendo and NBC teamed up to bring the world of Nintendo to Saturday mornings with Captain N: The Game Master. In the show, teenager Kevin Keene and his faithful dog Duke get summoned to the alternate universe of Videoland, where Kevin becomes Captain N, leading the N Team against the forces of evil, […]

"Brother Bear 2": A Kodiak Moment

by Chris Woodon February 23, 2007
It goes without saying that the modern generation of Disney animated films revolutionized the industry in the early 1990s. Their breathtaking animation and enchanting songs put them head and shoulders above the competition. However Disney exited the 2D theatrical business a few years ago with two water-treading films. The less said about the horrendous Home […]

Tokyopop Releases Details of New Manga Rating System

by Weathermanon February 22, 2007
Tokyopop has released the details of their new manga rating system. The system will go into effect with the fall 2007 releases. The new ratings will include content advisories printed below the ratings symbol in addition to the symbol itself. The rating sybols will be “A” for All Ages, “Y” for 10+, “T” for 13+, […]

Brad Bird Talks "Ratatouille" on "Good Morning America"

by Ed Liuon February 22, 2007
Brad Bird’s appearance on Good Morning America on February 20 to the interview segment from director Brad Bird’s appearance on Good Morning America on February 20, where he discussed Ratatouille and showed a variety of clips from the movie. The same segment also talks with production designer Rick Heinrichs.

Jackson Publick Talks "Venture Brothers" on Sound of Young America Podcast

by Ed Liuon February 22, 2007
Jackson Publick, creator of Adult Swim’s Venture Bros, has been interviewed in the latest podcast from the Sound of Young America. Publick discusses his personal life and how he went from a comic book shop clerk to television writer. (via Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat)

Stewie Griffin Hosts Latenight Talkshow on MySpace

by Nobuyuki samaon February 22, 2007
Family Guy‘s homicidal toddler Stewie Griffin will moonlight online as a latenight talkshow host this Sunday, reports Variety. Stewie and sidekick Brian — the show’s martini-imbibing canine — are the stars of “Up Late With Stewie & Brian,” a 10-minute flash-animated talkshow parody that will launch on MySpace Feb. 25 at 8 p.m., opposite the […]

Disney Channel Ratings: February 5-11

by Zeddon February 22, 2007
Disney Channel has announced ratings highlights for the week of February 5-11, 2007. For the week, Disney Channel finished as basic cable’s No. 1 network in Total Day in Tweens 9-14 (1.9 rating – tied Nick). Disney Channel also ranked No. 1 in Prime versus all basic cable for the 97th straight week in Kids […]

"ReBoot" Artbook to Premiere at NYCC

by Conekilleron February 22, 2007
The Art of ReBoot will be shown under a glass case at New York Comic-Con this weekend (Feb. 23-25). The book will feature rendered images from the milestone Mainframe series as well as character designs and new art from featured comic book artists. The book is expected to go on sale shortly. Sneak peeks can […]