"The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" Coming to DVD (Updated 4/21)

by Dan Collinson April 21, 2007 reports that The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: The Complete Series will arrive on DVD on June 5. King Koopa has escaped from the banishment zone and attacks the Mushroom Kingdom with his Koopa Kids. Its up to Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad to stop them. The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. […]

"Familiar of Zero" Licensed By Geneon

by Classic Speedyon April 21, 2007
At Anime Boston, Geneon Entertainment revealed that they have Familiar of Zero, a 13-episode anime series from J.C. Staff and GENCO. It was previously known in Japan as Zero No Tsukaima. The fantasy series concerns a school for magicians, wherein student Louise has accidentally created a Japanese boy as her servant. Stay tuned to Toon […]

A Belated SakuraCon 2007 Wrap Up

by Karl Olsonon April 21, 2007
A little over a week a go, the northwest’s biggest anime convention, Sakura Con, came and went with a bevy of big guests, including Fruits Basket Director Akitaro Daichi, Hellsing creator Kouta Hirano, Trigun Yasuhiro Nightow and Read Or Die creator Hideyuki Kurata, J-Pop acts Lin Clover and m.o.v.e., tons of great voice actors and […]

"Innocent Venus" Licensed by ADV Films

by Classic Speedyon April 21, 2007
At Anime Boston, ADV Films announced they have Innocent Venus, a twelve-episode post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime from 2006. The series was produced by Bandai Visual. The first volume is scheduled for release on 8/21/07. [Source: Anime News Network ]

First ‘Wolverine And The X-Men’ Image Online

by Stuon April 20, 2007 has the first image of the designs for the upcoming Wolverine And The X-Men show online. It can be seen by clicking on the link above.

2007 Eisner Award Nominees Announced

by Ed Liuon April 19, 2007
The full list of the 2007 Eisner Award nominees has been released by the Eisner Awards Committee. Nominations with tie-ins to animation include: Best Short Story “Willie: Portrait of a Groundskeeper,” by Eric Powell, in Bart Simpsons’s Treehouse of Horror #12 (Bongo) Best Single Issue (or One-Shot) Batman/The Spirit #1: “Crime Convention,” by Jeph Loeb […]

"Happy Feet" Has Legs in DVD Sales

by Ed Liuon April 19, 2007
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Happy Feet is showing continued strength on the DVD sales charts, taking the #1 spot for the third consecutive week according to Nielsen VideoScan sales data. Total unit sales for the movie so far were not included in their report. (via Internet Movie Database)

PR:Boomerang to Celebrate Earth Day with "Captain Planet" Marathon

by Ed Liuon April 19, 2007
Boomerang to Celebrate Earth Day with 12-Hour Marathon of Groundbreaking Captain Planet and the Planeteers’ Most Topical Episodes 27 Key Episodes Selected by Renown Captain Planet Foundation to Run Saturday, April 21, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. In honor of Earth Day 2007 on April 21, Boomerang, Cartoon Network’s 24-hour network showcasing classic cartoons, will treat audiences […]

"The Third" Vol. 1 Announced By Kadokawa Pictures/Right Stuf

by Classic Speedyon April 19, 2007
The first volume of The Third- The Girl With the Blue Eye, a 2006 sci-fi anime, has been announced by Kadokawa Pictures and Right Stuf. It will be released on July 31, 2007 for $24.99 and will contain four episodes. [Source: RightStuf ]

J. Torres on "Legion of Superheroes" Comics

by Ed Liuon April 18, 2007
Writer J. Torres has been interviewed about the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century comic book tie-in to the Legion of Superheroes animated TV show. Torres discusses his past history with the Legion, similarities and differences between this Legion older incarnations, and what he would do with a Legion/Teen Titans Go! crossover issue. The […]