"Moon Phase" Vol. 3: Count Kinkel Makes Things Serious

by Dukeon February 17, 2007
Moon Phase had a serious start, but it soon took a comedic turn by focusing more on, say, Hazuki’s temper tantrums than on Count Kinkel. Sure, there was an underlying story, but it took a back seat to the comedy, especially after mini-priestesses Hikaru and Karou arrived. With the third volume, though, the main plot […]

Talking with Disney’s David Bossert About Pooh and Platinum Editions

by Ed Liuon February 16, 2007
David Bossert is a man who has worn many hats at the Walt Disney Company over his 22-year career with the company. After receiving a B.F.A. from the renowned California Institute of the Arts in 1983, Bossert began his career at Disney as an effects animator, working on films such as The Black Cauldron, Who […]

"Karin" Licensed By Geneon Entertainment

by Classic Speedyon February 16, 2007
Karin, a 24-episode comedy anime from J.C. Staff, has been licensed by Geneon Entertainment. The series concerns a female vampire who doesn’t suffer the usual vampire weaknesses, such as garlic and sunlight. Its first volume will contain four episodes and is due on 5/15/07 for a MSRP of $29.98. [Source: Geneon]

Christian Slade Talks "Korgi"

by Ed Liuon February 16, 2007
Former Disney animator Christian Slade is publicizing his new original graphic novel Korgi, set in a fantasy world where people live alongside magical creatures who resemble Welsh Corgi dogs. Korgi will be part of publisher Top Shelf’s Free Comic Book Day offering in a flip book alongside Andy Runton’s Owly.

DC Direct Shows "Superman: Doomsday," "Afro Samurai" Action Figures

by Ed Liuon February 16, 2007
At this past week’s New York Toy Fair, DC Direct showed off several new action figure lines, including a collectors set that will tie-in to the announced Superman: Doomsday direct-to-video animated movie and a set of figures based on the manga and anime Afro Samurai. The Superman: Doomsday figures are currently scheduled to go on […]

Ryan Larkin, Canadian Animator, 1943 – 2007

by Ed Liuon February 16, 2007
Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew is reporting that Canadian animation legend Ryan Larkin passed away on February 14, 2007, due to complications from lung cancer. Larkin was the director and animator of the Academy Award-nominated short film Walking, as well as Sphinx and Street Musique.

CN Upfront: "Class of 3000" Soundtrack Announced

by Dukeon February 16, 2007
Cartoon Network has announced that it will release a CD soundtrack featuring 13 songs that appear in or are based on their hit series Class of 3000, starring Andre “3000” Benjamin. The soundtrack’s release will coincide with the premiere of the second season, which is slated to air in June. A special musical performance special […]

CN Upfront: "Ben 10: Hero Generation" Announced

by Dukeon February 16, 2007
Cartoon Network will be launching a sequel series to its hit action cartoon Ben 10, which will be entitled Ben 10: Hero Generation. This new series will focus on a slightly older Ben and Gwen as they team up and mentor a group of children who have powers similar to Ben’s. The age shift will […]

CN Upfront: New Online Initiatives Include MMO for 2008

by Benon February 16, 2007
In Spring 2008, Cartoon Network will launch a massively multiplayer online game in what they call “one of our largest new media investments ever.” Other online initiatives include CN Clipbook, an online cartoon maker that will also allow users to share their creations and rate others; CN Minimatch, a service starting this summer that allows […]

CN Upfront: Three "Billy & Mandy" Movies, More Specials & Crossovers Planned-UPDATED

by Benon February 16, 2007
Cartoon Network plans major crossover events and TV movies for its series in 2007, the network said today at its Upfront presentation. According to CN’s senior vice president of development and creative direction Michael Ouweleen, “We feel like we make some of the best animated half hour TV shows out there, but it’s just not […]