PR: Teletoon Launches Video on Demand and Mobile TV Services

by Ed Liuon April 25, 2007
TELETOON LAUNCHES VIDEO ON DEMAND AND MOBILE TV SERVICES Toronto – TELETOON, Canada’s only all animation network, is taking some of its most popular Canadian cartoons to viewers where and when they want them with the launch of two new digital services, Video on Demand (VOD) on April 27 and Mobile TV on May 15. […]

PR: Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow for One Night Only

by Ed Liuon April 25, 2007
NARUTO THE MOVIE: NINJA CLASH IN THE LAND OF SNOW. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY April 24, 2007 VIZ Media brings the hottest manga and anime series sweeping North America to the big screen on June 6, 2007 for a very special, one-night-only theatrical engagement in 160 select theaters nationwide of the first NARUTO feature film […]

Cutting Down on the Chaff in "Animaniacs Vol. 2"

by Alex Weitzmanon April 25, 2007
Those paying attention will have noticed that Toon Zone has already reviewed this set. Bird Boy’s opinion is pretty much mine, but I can’t just point to his review and say “ditto.” No Animaniacs review is that easy to write; in fact, it may be among the hardest shows that any conscientious reviewer can try […]

Oscar-Winning Short Filmmaker John Canemaker on His Career and State of Animation

by Ed Liuon April 24, 2007
Newsarama’s Animated Shorts column has profiled Oscar-winning short film director and animation historian John Canemaker. The profile covers Canemaker’s childhood, his start in animation, his tenure on the 1970’s TV show Patchwork Family, his career as a teacher of animation history, and his Oscar win for The Moon and the Sun over works from Pixar […]

Uphill Battle Marketing "Ratatouille" in a World of Sequels

by Ed Liuon April 24, 2007
The New York Times discusses the obstacles in marketing Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille — one of very few summer tentpole movies that is entirely original and cannot rely on being a sequel or an adaptation of material from other media (registration required). Among Disney’s more unusual marketing efforts are advertising a 9-minute clip posted on the official […]

"Digimon" Returns to Jetix

by Dukeon April 24, 2007
CynopsisKids is reporting that Digimon Savers, the latest series in the franchise, has been acquired by Disney and will be released in the US under a new title: Digimon Data Squad. The series will premiere on Jetix, which currently airs on Toon Disney, this fall.

Making The Amazing: John Semper Talks Spider-Man: The Animated Series

by Stuon April 24, 2007
John Semper served as the series producer/story editor for Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which premiered in November, 1994. He was given the daunting task of adapting Spider-Man’s long comic book history onto the small screen and now speaks to The Marvel Animation Age and Toon Zone News via e-mail about his work on the series. […]

Universal Theme Parks To Annex Springfield

by Nobuyuki samaon April 24, 2007
“The Simpsons” are coming to Universal Studios’ theme parks in Hollywood and Orlando next spring, according to Reuters and Variety. The long-running series, which hits the big screen on July 27, is morphing into a ride that will incorporate Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson along with other characters. “The ride is designed to […]

The Return of Goofy: Animation Directors talk about upcoming Disney Shorts

by Javeon April 23, 2007
Animated Views has recently posted an interview with directors Andreas Deja and Mark Henn. In it, they reveal some information on the revival of Disney’s shorts division, as well as information on the Goofy cartoon How to Hook Up Your Home Theater. Full Article at Animated Views.

Speedy Gonzales Clothing Line Launches in Los Angeles

by Ed Liuon April 23, 2007
A report in the Los Angeles Times covers the launch of a Speedy Gonzales-themed line of clothing at the West L.A. shop Nine*Star (free registation required). Footwear, shorts, pants, shirts, and hooded sweatshirts will be among the apparel emblazoned with the Fastest Mouse in All Mexico. (via Mark Evanier’s weblog)