Supergirl Is Dreaming Of In Sky Trailer

by Alex Beanon September 20, 2016
Supergirl is dreaming of teaming up with Superman in the “Sky” trailer promoting the upcoming season premiere – on October 10, 2016 – on the CW…
space ghost

Adult Swim Boasts All The Space Ghost Coast To Coast You Can Toast

by Peter Paltridgeon September 20, 2016
You have likely heard by now that Clay Martin Croker, the animator and voices behind Cartoon Network’s groundbreaking late-night series Space Ghost Coast to Coast (which wound up giving birth to an entire network’s worth of irreverent, quirky programming), has passed on at the unfair age of 54. And if you hadn’t heard that yet, […]

Presenting The Gears Of War 4 Launch Trailer

by Peter Paltridgeon September 19, 2016
Microsoft said they’d be putting out a new trailer for Gears of War 4 soon, and they kept to that promise. Below are two minutes of clips straight from the game. A shorter version will make its TV debut during Monday Night Football tonight. It’s a generation after Gears 3, and the survivors of humanity […]

The Cinematic Trailer For Virginia

by Alex Beanon September 19, 2016
The cinematic trailer for “Virginia” [release date: September 22, 2016] has been released and presumably, there is no relation to either the U.S. state or Santa Claus…

Manual Samuel Release Date Trailer

by Alex Beanon September 16, 2016
Admit it, you know somebody just like Manual Samuel. We all do. The release date for “Manual Samuel” is October 11, 2016…

Just Dance 2017 Demo Trailer

by Alex Beanon September 16, 2016
Determining whether you like Justin Bieber or not seems to be at least one of the reasons behind the release of the demo trailer for “Just Dance 2017” featuring his song “Sorry”…

pokemon anime

Big Visual Changes Coming To The Pokemon Anime

by Peter Paltridgeon September 15, 2016
A thirty-second preview for the next generation of the Pokemon anime appeared on Japanese television this morning, and it’s making waves. Ash’s typical transition between generations involves a wardrobe change, plus the unceremonious dumping of all his friends and every Pokemon he bonded with (sans Pikachu). This time, more than just a hat is different…the […]

Gears Of War 4 – Gears Ink

by Alex Beanon September 15, 2016
Playing “Gears of War” may wind up meaning you get a tattoo – at least it did for these guys…

Shu Launch Trailer

by Alex Beanon September 15, 2016
Oh, to be young again and outrunning large purple creatures trying to eat you across a seemingly never-ending futuristic landscape! May we present the launch trailer for “Shu”….

Destiny: Rise Of Iron Launch Trailer

by Alex Beanon September 14, 2016
The official launch trailer has arrived for “Destiny: Rise of Iron”, which, itself will arrive on September 20, 2016…