Numerous Trailers And Reveals At Paris Games Week

by Todd Blackon October 30, 2017
So, what was shown off at Paris Games Week? What trailers were there to watch? Sony didn’t just go to Paris Games Week today, they freaking owned it! They revealed new trailers for multiple high profile games coming to the PS4 either this year or next. And this included some brand new reveals as well. […]

steven universe

New Steven Universe Trailer And Return Date

by Peter Paltridgeon October 30, 2017
When in the name of Rose Quartz is Cartoon Network going to let some fresh episodes of Steven Universe out of their fortress? How does less than two months sound? We finally have confirmation of when the show will be returning to the air: this December. CN confirmed this afternoon that after a drought of […]
last of us part II

New Trailer For The Last of Us Part II Released

by Peter Paltridgeon October 30, 2017
Why was The Last of Us Part II absent from Sony’s E3 press conference? Does developer Naughty Dog at last have some answers? A new trailer with over two minutes of cutscene footage made its debut today during Sony’s presentation at Paris Games Week. Fair warning before you jump into this: the trailer is graphically […]

It Was Bound To Happen: The Joker Has Kidnapped Mark Hamill!

by Peter Paltridgeon October 27, 2017
What would happen if Mark Hamill met the Joker? Would the entire universe implode? It would be a question worth asking if it hadn’t already been answered, thanks to this excellent new Justice League Action short. Recognizing Hamill on the street, Joker poses as a cab driver in order to kidnap him and ransom him […]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Opens Next Month

by Peter Paltridgeon October 25, 2017
The moment Nintendo announced they were looking into producing mobile games, everyone wanted to know: when do we get Animal Crossing? As of last evening we received a release date and more…is it scaled down or is it a full AC experience? It feels pretty complete to us, though it doesn’t take place in the […]


Steven Universe: Save The Light Introduces Hessonite

by Peter Paltridgeon October 23, 2017
Ready for Steven Universe: Save The Light to hit gaming consoles next week? You already know of one new character in the game, but were you aware of another? Today they pulled the curtain off Hessonite, a Homeworld commander and boss of Squaridot, who was introduced earlier. The backstory behind the game is that the […]

Thor: Ragnarok Triumphs In Majestic Television Spot Spectacle

by Alex Beanon October 23, 2017
If you are listening to the hype, “Thor: Ragnarok”  is either a triumph, a majestic spectacle or the boldest Marvel film yet. You can decide among these three options – or select your own – when it officially releases on November 3, 2017…    

Raw Data Launch Trailer

by Alex Beanon October 18, 2017
10 missions against all the battle androids there are everywhere – that is the promise of “Raw Data”…    
south park

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Goes On Sale Today

by Peter Paltridgeon October 17, 2017
Do Coon and Friends have what it takes to protect the citizens of South Park from crime? More importantly, can Cartman turn his friends’ playtime activities into a money-making multi-tiered superhero franchise? Years of hype and one shameless prequel episode from last week have led to this: the long-awaited sequel to The Stick of Truth, […]