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EA Games Launches eSports Division

by Peter Paltridgeon December 11, 2015
The growing popularity of eSports has not gone unnoticed by Big Publishers Inc. On the heels of Activision, Electronic Arts has announced its own eSports division, the EA Competitive Gaming Division (or CGD for short), to be helmed by COO Peter Moore. EA spoke about the new venture in a prideful blog post on their […]
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Cartoon Network UK Releases ‘Adventure Time: BMO Snaps’ App Game On iOS

by Grant Whiteon December 10, 2015
Apple using Adventure Time fans in the UK can now enjoy the brand new ‘BMO Snaps’ game from Cartoon Network, helping to save Ooo and document its history. When Princess Bubblegum’s hair gets stuck in the workings of the hologram factory, its machinery malfunctions and spreads holograms across the land. Peebles enlists BMO to get […]


The Closest Thing We’ll Get To F-Zero In This Week’s Nintendo Download

by Peter Paltridgeon December 10, 2015
This week in the Nintendo Download, the ultra-faced-paced racer known as Fast Racing NEO has arrived on the Wii U. With the NX looming in the near distance, it doesn’t look like we’re ever getting an F-Zero game on the Wii U console, but Fast Racing NEO mimics the action rather admirably. Also look out […]
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Microsoft Slashes XBox One To $300 For Holiday Season

by Peter Paltridgeon December 9, 2015
To all those who nearly killed themselves trying to get a $300 game console on Black Friday, that excursion has just been rendered completely pointless. Earlier this month Sony discounted the Playstation 4 to $300 for most of the holiday shopping season, and we wondered how long Microsoft would be able to hold out before […]

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay On Monday Melee

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay On Monday Melee

by Alex Beanon December 9, 2015
“Star Wars Battlefront” gameplay is featured on Conan O’Brien’s Monday Melee – skip ahead to 3:30 for the video gameplay to start and skip ahead to 5:50 if you want to avoid at least some of the mindless banter…
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New Information On The Final Fantasy VII Remake

by Peter Paltridgeon December 8, 2015
Thanks to the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly, we now have more detailed information about Square-Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake on the PS4 (or the PS5 depending on how long it takes). The most crucial piece of information was the clarification on that sentence from the press release that got every fan with an […]

Powers Season 2 Trailer Drops

Powers Season 2 Trailer Drops

by Alex Beanon December 7, 2015
The first trailer for the second season of PlayStation’s superhero-themed series “Powers” has officially dropped, in which we find that poor Retro Girl has seemingly met her unfortunate demise…
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There’s Still Time To Enter The Call of Duty World League Tournament

by Peter Paltridgeon December 7, 2015
Activision sent us this reminder that if you’d still like to enter the Call of Duty World League Tournament, there is still time. The competition began last weekend, but four slots are still available in the US, four are available in Europe and six are still up for grabs in Australia and New Zealand. Here’s […]


Suddenly, Psychonauts Is Back With A Vengeance

by Peter Paltridgeon December 5, 2015
Released at the tail end of the third-party platforming fad, Tim Schaefer’s Psychonauts has had a rough ride to success. It nearly wasn’t made when its original backer, Microsoft, changed their minds. Majesco picked up the tab and paid for the game’s completion, but standing among the last big glut of uninspired mascot games, Psychonauts […]
Destiny Players Can Join The Sparrow Racing League, December Only

Destiny Players Can Join The Sparrow Racing League, December Only

by Peter Paltridgeon December 5, 2015
A new feature for players of Destiny: The Taken King was announced today during the Playstation Experience keynote. If you’ve ever wanted to officially race around on Sparrows, you’ll get your wish next week….at least for a limited time. Soon you’ll be able to compete in six-player racing tournaments on Mars and Venus in the […]