Big Shiny Robot Interviews Ben Jones on "Batman: The Brave and the Bold"

by Ed Liuon July 24, 2008
The Big Shiny Robot website has interviewed director Ben Jones about his work directing the upcoming TV series Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Jones discusses his past work on cartoons like Transformers Animated, Teen Titans, and The Iron Giant before digging into Brave and the Bold, detailing how he started working on the show, […]

Warner Brothers and "Invincible" Creator on Animated Comics

by Ed Liuon July 24, 2008
Comic Book Resources has spoken with writer Robert Kirkman about the new animated video adaptation of his series Invincible. Kirkman discusses his reactions to the format and how involved he is in the production of the new shorts. Newsarama has also spoken with Diane Nelson, President of Warner Premiere and Thomas Gewecke, president of Warner […]

Voices Announced for "Afro Samurai" Sequel

by Dan Collinson July 24, 2008
Superhero Hype reports that actors Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal, Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill), Mark Hamill (Star Wars, Batman: The Animated Series), and Yuri Lowenthal (Superman from Legion of Super Heroes, Ben 10: Alien Force) will join Oscar nominee Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, Star Wars Episodes I-III) in the new original anime film Afro Samurai: […]

PR: Beloved Comic Book Titles Coming to Cartoon Network

by Ed Liuon July 23, 2008
Beloved Comic Book Titles Coming to Cartoon Network Firebreather, The Vanishers and Mice Templar Amplify the Network’s Slate of Original Movies Cartoon Network has kicked off development on three much-loved comic book titles: Firebreather, The Vanishers and Mice Templar. Image Comic’s Firebreather, created by Phil Hester, and Mice Templar, by Mike Avon Oeming and Bryan […]

"Batman" Actor Arrested

by Dan Collinson July 22, 2008
“Holy felony charges, Batman!” E! Online reports that The Dark Knight actor Christian Bale has been in jail for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister at a London hotel on Sunday night. Bale stayed in jail for four hours and was released on bail. He is due to return to London in September, pending further […]

"The Dark Knight" Is A Bright Dawn For Superhero Movies

by on July 20, 2008
Why are you reading this? The Dark Knight is out in theaters; you need to go see it. The Dark Knight focuses on Bruce Wayne’s second year as Batman. With Wayne Manor destroyed, he takes up residence in a penthouse apartment in Gotham, and has an underground bunker under some Wayne Industries construction. His relationship […]

Wizard Interviews Josh Elder and Russell Lissau on "Batman Strikes!"

by Ed Liuon July 18, 2008
Wizard magazine has interviewed writers Josh Elder and Russell Lissau on their issues of DC’s The Batman Strikes! comic book series. The pair discuss one-upmanship among the stable of writers for the title, the constraints and creative decisions that result from the comics’ all-ages mandate, the books and comics they look to for inspiration, and […]

Warner Brothers Announces "Motion Comics" for "Watchmen," "Batman: Mad Love"

by Ed Liuon July 18, 2008
Warner Brothers has announced a new line of “Motion Comics,” which will take original comic book pages and bring them to life through “the use of subtle movements, voice-overs, sweeping music scores and stunning comic book artwork.” The first title to get the Motion Comics treatment will be Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen, which […]

"Batman: The Complete Animated Series" Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson July 17, 2008 reports that Warner will release the complete run of Batman: The Animated Series in Batman: The Complete Animated Series. The 17-disc set will contains every episode from the show and a special Bonus feature disc and a 40 page book featuring never before seen artwork. The big set will be in stores on November […]

Batman DVDs Top Sales Charts in Advance of "The Dark Knight"

by Ed Liuon July 17, 2008
The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Batman DVDs have topped the sales charts for the week ending July 13, 2008, with the direct-to-video Batman Gotham Knight animated movie taking the top spot in standard DVD sales, followed by the reissued DVD of Batman Begins. The two movies switch places on the Blu-ray sales chart.