"Fantastic Four" Season One: F for eFFort

by Stuon May 13, 2009
Having been a fan of the various Marvel animated shows since I can remember, I have many, many fond childhood memories of watching them on Saturday mornings. There are some moments that I still remember vividly, nearly twenty years on. I doubt I will ever forget the awe I felt seeing Spider-Man in the middle […]

"X-Men" Marks the Spot

by Scott Summerson May 11, 2009
In the opening credits of 1992’s animated X-Men an enormous logo flies through space, tilting toward and away from the viewer, its block lettering style identical to that of the eponymous Marvel comic. Costumed heroes swarm around the logo, flying, bounding and piloting jets, until the “X” flips end over end into the distance and […]

"Batman: Brave & the Bold" Clips & Stills from "The Color of Revenge!"

by Ed Liuon May 10, 2009
Toon Zone News is proud to present new videos and stills from “The Color of Revenge!”, the upcoming new episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold scheduled to premiere on May 22, 2009, at 8:30 PM (Eastern/Pacific) on Cartoon Network. Click the images to play the video clips (requires QuickTime): <!– <!– <!– You […]

Volume 1 of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" Coming to DVD

by Dan Collinson May 8, 2009 reports that Warner Bros will release volume 1 of the hit Cartoon Network series Batman: The Brave and the Bold to DVD on August 25th. The Caped Crusader is back, and this time he isn’t fighting crime alone, he’s teaming up with heroes such as Blue Beetle, Red Tornado, Aquaman, and Plastic Man in […]

Marvel Profits Fall as Revenues Rise

by Maxie Zeuson May 6, 2009
Marvel Entertainment’s operating income fell to $73.6 million in the first quarter of 2009, from $87.5 million in the same period a year ago, the company said today. But First quarter revenues rose smartly to $197.0 million from $112.6 million. The jump in revenues was due to $90.4 million in revenues related to film production […]

"Green Lantern: First Flight" DTV Release Date Moves Back to July 28, 2009

by Ed Liuon May 4, 2009
Warner Home Video has announced that the release date for the direct-to-video animated movie Green Lantern: First Flight has been pushed back one week to July 28, 2009. This returns the DTV to its originally announced release date; earlier in April, the DTV was rescheduled for release on July 21, 2009. In conjunction with the […]

"Batman: Brave & the Bold" Clips & Stills from "Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!"

by Ed Liuon May 3, 2009
Toon Zone News is proud to present new video clips and stills from “Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!”, the upcoming episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, premiering on Friday, May 8, 2009, at 8:30 PM Eastern/Pacific) on Cartoon Network. Click the images to play the clips (requires QuickTime): <!– <!– <!– Click on […]

Tara Strong Talks Huntress

by Craig Crumptonon May 2, 2009
Comic Book Resources interviews Tara Strong on her role as Huntress in the upcoming May 8th episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold. She discusses the character, her work on Teen Titans, doing group voice-over sessions, what it was like working with James Tucker, Diedrich Bader, and Andrea Romano, and reveals that voice actor […]

New "Batman: Brave and the Bold" Episodes Pushed Back to May 8, 2009

by Ed Liuon May 1, 2009
Cartoon Network has announced that new episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold will begin on Friday, May 8, 2009, instead of today, May 1, as originally scheduled. The upcoming new episode air dates and titles are: Friday, May 8: “Night of the Huntress!” Friday, May 15: “Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!” Friday, May […]

"Freakazoid!" Season 2: It’s So Good, I’m Gonna Freak Out!

by Classic Speedyon April 30, 2009
Freakazoid! was a short-lived show that debuted with the beginning of Kids WB in 1995. It’s about a teen named Dexter Douglas who is sucked into his computer and is given the special power to transform into a wacky superhero named Freakazoid just by saying “Freak out!” With his new abilities, Freakazoid faces an assortment […]