Kirby Estate Officially Sues Marvel & Disney

by Dan Collinson March 15, 2010
Superhero Hype reports that the children of the late Jack Kirby have filed a lawsuit against Marvel Comics and The Walt Disney Company to terminate copyrights and gain profits from their father’s comic book creations. The suit follows the September move when the estate filed 45 copyright termination notices to Marvel, Disney, and studios such […]

Disney Channel/Disney XD 2010-11 Programming: "Phineas & Ferb" Movie; "Avengers"

by Ed Liuon March 4, 2010
Disney Channels Worldwide announced their 2010-11 programming highlights for the Disney Channel and Disney XD at their upfront to U.S. advertisers. Animation-related highlights include: A Phineas & Ferb movie, titled Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension, where the pair of inventive kids discover the secret identity of their pet platypus Perry and team up […]

James Woods on Being Owlman for "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths"

by Ed Liuon February 25, 2010
Emmy award winning actor James Woods is the newest subject to be interviewed by Warner Home Video in conjunction with the release of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, the newest direct-to-video animated movie available now on DVD, Blu-ray disc, On Demand services, and for download. Among other topics, Woods discusses how he constructed the […]

Dwayne McDuffie Working on Two More DC Animated Movies

by Ed Liuon February 24, 2010
In comments to MTV’s Splash Page weblog, writer Dwayne McDuffie (Ben 10: Alien Force, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths) has revealed that he is writing two additional DC animated movies, which will come after this summer’s Batman: Under the Red Hood by Judd Winick. He also gives some details on other projects, such as […]

Steve Niles on "DC Showcase Presents: The Spectre"; New Video Clip Released

by Ed Liuon February 24, 2010
Warner Home Video has released a new press release interview with Steve Niles, writer of the new short film “DC Showcase Presents: The Spectre,” which is included on the recently released Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths DVD and Blu-ray. WHV has also released a new video clip from “The Spectre”: Justice League: Crisis on […]

Gina Torres on Being Superwoman for "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths"

by Ed Liuon February 23, 2010
Warner Home Video has released another press release interview in conjunction with the release of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths on DVD, Blu-ray, and On Demand services. The subject of this interview is Gina Torres, the actor who puts a sexy spin on the evil Superwoman. Among other topics, Torres reveals the ways that […]

"Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths:" It Rocks in All Realities

by Ed Liuon February 23, 2010
The parallel universe of inverted morals and reversed characters is a staple of science fiction and superhero stories everywhere, becoming a common story in many science fiction TV series and comic books. The iconic rendition is probably the 1967 episode of Star Trek, “Mirror, Mirror,” but DC Comics had beaten Trek to that particular punch […]

"Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths": One Plus One Equals Two-and-a-Half

by Maxie Zeuson February 23, 2010
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths is a nifty little gem of a movie, an unpretentious but thoroughly entertaining story that, probably, would have more appropriately been titled Justice League: When Archetypes Collide. It takes the old sci-fi trope about parallel worlds populated by moral mirror-images, and— Well, it doesn’t really do anything new or […]

Shout! Factory and Marvel Animation to Release "Super Hero Squad Show" on DVD

by Ed Liuon February 22, 2010
Shout! Factory and Marvel Animation, Inc. have announced a content partnership that will bring The Super Hero Squad Show to DVD, with Shout! being the exclusive U.S. home video distributor for the hit half-hour animated series. Releases are expected later this year. The full press release follows: SHOUT! FACTORY & MARVEL ANIMATION, INC. ANNOUNCE CONTENT […]

Galactus Arrives to Eat the Earth on "Super Hero Squad" Season Finale on Feb 20, 2010

by Ed Liuon February 19, 2010
Marvel Entertainment has released several new images from the season finale of The Super Hero Squad Show, which will premiere at 7:30 PM (Eastern) on Saturday, February 20, 2010, on Cartoon Network. The episode promises to be of Earth-shattering import, as the planet-devouring Galactus arrives in Super Hero City intending to eat the world. Click […]