New Clip from "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" S1 Pt. 2 DVD, Coming March 15 2011

by Ed Liuon March 3, 2011
Warner Home Video has released the following video clip to promote the upcoming DVD release of Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season One Part 2 on March 15, 2011: (Movie native size: 640 x 480) Synopsis: Batman wings into an exciting new era, teaming with a mighty honor roll of DC Comics Super Heroes […]

"Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" Trailer Released

by Ed Liuon March 1, 2011
Warner Bros. Animation has released the trailer for Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, the upcoming animated direct-to-video movie coming on June 7, 2011: (Movie native size: 640 x 360) A new still has also been released from the movie; click the following thumbnail to view full-size: The movie will star Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Wonder Woman) as […]

"Megamind" Is a Mega-Disappointment

by Ed Liuon February 28, 2011
There are people who think they can harpoon the lunacies and ludicrousness of superhero stories just by pointing out Spider-Man should be shooting webs out of his butt. This is a joke that’s kind of funny when heard for the first time, but any humor value it has drops off dramatically upon repetition, and it […]

"All-Star Superman": This Star Burns Twice as Bright

by Ed Liuon February 25, 2011
Conventional wisdom says that Superman isn’t as popular as Batman because he’s too powerful and too perfect, and thus audiences can’t sympathize or identify with him the same way they can identify with the definitively human Batman. I think this argument is a big steaming load. If one accepts the conventional criticism that superhero comics […]

"All-Star Superman" Cast and Crew Interviews: McDuffie, Romano, Timm, and More

by Jeffrey Harrison February 24, 2011
On February 17, Toonzone News was invited to the All-Star Superman animated movie premiere at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, CA. We were also given the opportunity to speak with the late Dwayne McDuffie who tragically passed away on Tuesday, February 22. From my personal experience with Dwayne McDuffie, you could tell […]

Reading Room: Superman

by Ed Liuon February 21, 2011
While American newspaper comic strips were published in collected form since the middle of the 19th century, the true launch of the American comic book industry is generally accepted to begin with the launch of its first and arguably most famous original character: Superman. Introduced in Action Comics #1 in 1938, Superman was a smash […]

Reading Room: Grant Morrison

by Shawn Hopkinson February 18, 2011
Sentient universes. Cybernetic war machine rabbits. Fiction suits. Singing evil to death. A guy who hunts other men for their beards. In an industry where “guy in tights punches other guy in tights” seems to qualify as enough to build at least a miniseries on, you might occasionally be surprised to stumble across an issue […]

Baltazar & Franco on "Young Justice" Comics

by Ed Liuon February 17, 2011
Comic Book Resources has interviewed writers Art Baltazar and Franco about their work on the Young Justice comic book tie-in to the new show airing on Cartoon Network. Among other topics, the pair discusses the way the comic is tightly coupled to the show; characters the pair were asked, prohibited, or guided to use; and […]

Marvel To Launch Disney/Pixar Magazine

by darkdetectiveon February 16, 2011
Marvel recently announced a new monthly magazine, titled Disney/Pixar Presents, will be coming out in May. The magazine will feature some of the most popular animated Disney/Pixar characters from their most popular properties, such as The Incredibles, Toy Story, and Cars. The magazine will debut in May with Disney/Pixar Presents: Cars Magazine #1 with a […]

New "ThunderCats" Toys Revealed at Toy Fair 2011

by Ed Liuon February 16, 2011
New ThunderCats toys from Bandai were unveiled at the 2011 Toy Fair: Click on any of the thumbnails below to view toy images full-size: The original press release follows: WARNER BROS. CONSUMER PRODUCTS WELCOMES BACK THE LEGENDARY THUNDERCATS WITH LICENSING PROGRAM AT TOY FAIR 2011 Master Toy Licensee Bandai America Incorporated, Along With Icon Hero, […]